Monday, July 2, 2012


This week, Dina Eastwood shape-shifted roles as “Mom”, “Mother” and “Mommy” with 15 year old daughter Morgan, who served notice that she ‘… will legally be an adult in a couple of years.’
Daughter Francesca Eastwood was somewhat distraught that her mother and housekeeper Lisa converted her increasingly unused bedroom into an art studio for Dina.
Dina debuted as a fine artist by showcasing one of her paintings with some lingering hesitancy about coming out as a fine artist painter: Saying at one point ‘…I’m not even an artist…I just want to be one.’
Dina also transitioned between many, many wearable art jewelry styles in tonight’s episode ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’.  So here’s what she wore  



  1. Majestic turquoise earrings with huge spiny coral or carnelian pear-shaped drops;
  2. Couture jewelry layered look of a necklace with a unique 2 tone turquoise pendant, together with a rock crystal point pendant on a waist length chain;
  3. Artsy looking large heart pendant designed with micro inlayed black and white gemstones hanging on a pale green gemstone beaded chain-premier jewelry designer style;
  4. Black and white gemstone micro inlay wide bangle bracelet- handcrafted designer jewelry;
  5. Dramatic black diamond beaded necklace centered with a large, rough cut, very white diamond or crystal-boutique jewelry looking;
  6. Art Nouveau style Sterling Necklace designed with multiple leaves-designer artisan jewelry;
  7. Stylish gold heishi bead choker-like liquid gold beads;
  8. Reddish and pink tone bead bracelet, with rough-cut opaque sapphires or other gemstone, punctuated by a yellow bead.


  9. Gold turquoise statement ring


10. White opaque bead bracelet, possibly a demure pearl bracelet

Of course the handcrafted jewelry wearable art was just a backdrop to this episode’s focus on change.
Everyone seems to be in the process of change, not just Dina, Francesca and Morgan.
  • Music group Overtone brainstormed for a new group name.
  • Uncle Dominic is becoming more patriarchal over the entire clan and Overtone.
  • Francesca’s boyfriend Tyler gave a lecture on how to effectively communicate. Hmm…
Change can be  an art form and new designs are always refreshing.

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

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