Saturday, July 7, 2012


Nooo! Not one of Serena Williams’ blingy diamond necklaces gives  her the power to serve over 120 mph. Serena’s jewelry style, however,  reveals a secret approach she put in force today.
Here’s the scoop on Serena who just became a 5 time Wimbledon champion today winning 6-1, 5-7 and 6-2 over Poland’s Agnieska Rawanska.
‘Jewelry…tennis...secret???’ ‘Say What!’


Curiously, for once Serena didn’t wear any earrings, big or small, in a major tennis match.  Her demure necklace didn’t have any visible diamonds, just 3 smallish heart charms on a gold chain.
Serena was practically sans jewelry today.
This was very unusual for Serena, her normal jewelry style shouts “Statement”.
More unbelievable was Serena’s watch.  I have never seen her wearing a watch at a tournament match. On the red carpet, yes: But I have never noticed her wearing a timepiece on the court.


I believe that her watch was her advantage.  In today’s Wimbledon ladies championship match Williams appears to be wearing a digital watch: Either Hip Hop crowd pleaser Flud “beats per minute” watch or a black multi-function Casio DataBank watch during the ESPN broadcast. Wearers can enter text as well as numeric data into these timepieces. 
Both watches look utiliarian, just the thing for a techie.
  • What if the Casio timepiece replaced the little written notes that I used to see Serena reading between games?
  • What if Serena was tracking her cadence during the match on the Flud watch in the same way that runners time their cadence?
  • Why would any wealthy woman who could afford multiple, custom-made Happy Sport timepieces, if she so desired, wear a Casio or Flud? Answer: Digital timepieces from the 70s are making a huge comeback. 
  • Couldn’t she have chosen to wear a Gucci? That design house markets  popular high-end  mens and unisex digital watches and a diamond digital watch for ladies.
On one model, the entire bezel, top and sides, is covered with pave diamonds. Yeah, it has lots of diamonds just like Serena used to wear on the court.


Any woman champion who writes-out crib notes or wears a Casio Databank or Flud DJ watch has more than likely itemized and cataloged every possible aspect of her game.
Then one day, if the champion is very smart, she may notice that her old game isn’t working as well as it used to work. This could be due to age, illness or both.
 And she changes by striping away many of the old tactics and material objects that used to work or produce an “edge”, like the old notes, the jewelry, the clothes, the old hair styles or whatever. Old stuff blocks the path to a new win. 
Smart women choose to start over or to adapt their game plan.
The time comes when every champion has to win with brainpower not brawn if they want to stay a champion. Serena did it looking like a gem.

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

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  1. Do you know anything about the 3 heart necklace she wore?? I love it and need it!!!