Monday, October 29, 2012


Never, Ever Enough Jewelry Style
 Coming soon...  The imperial jewelry styles on the 2nd season of the Shahs of Sunset. The royal treasury at Tehran, Iran ain't got nothing on the cast of Shahs.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Violet Amethyst Checkerboard Cut Stud Earrings

“I don’t go to the garbage can without lipstick.” That's what my auntie said about the notion of going sans make-up.  When you do not wear make-up, colored studs can save the day by accentuating your other features like
  • Flawless skin texture
  • Good bone structure
  • Spotless skin color
  • Great hair

jEWELRY TIPS FOr Sans Make-up

  1. Select stud earring colors based on your eye or skin color.  Purple and blue studs work with nearly everyone’s eye color and skin color.
  2. Experiment with the color shades of different gemstones or CZs.
  3. Choose fancy gemstone cuts for more interest and eye-catching color moments.  Round cuts may or may not be the best, depending on the gemstone.
  4. Medium colored gemstones seem to work better than very light or very deep colors. Tanzanite might work better than deep amethyst or dark sapphire.
  5. Transparent gems are usually a better choice than opaque ones. But not always, check the color effect in the mirror on both bright sunny and cloudy days.
  6. Tourmaline's pure colors are good choices whether clear or opaque.
  7. Medium size studs seem GENERALLY more effective than larger or smaller carats.   But, small turquoise cabochons do a spectacular job of brightening just about everyone’s face.
  8. Paua shell studs' ombre,  fuchsia-red or teal-blue intense colors make fabulous-looking accents.
  9. Pink or red coral earrings enliven my skin tone.
  10. Ruby studs are the best for days when I am not wearing makeup. The red color creates a very polished look.


What about diamond studs, pearl earrings or gold balls?  I don’t personally feel that they look good on me when I am not wearing make-up.  In fact, these earrings seem to beg me to put on full-face make-up.
I’ve also noticed other women wearing diamond studs who look drab without make-up, especially if they are wearing large, 1 to 2 carat studs.
My mirror seems to whisper “where’s the red lipstick” when I’m wearing diamond, pearl or gold stud earrings.
Big or long earrings may or may not work without make-up depending on the person and their age.  Without make-up they look trashy on me sometimes.

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

Monday, October 22, 2012


Scary Whimsical Bug Jewelry for Halloween

If you are a collector of  animal jewelry, this is your time of year!  Halloween!   Little kids will scream and run away from insect jewelry like spiders.  And BIG kids at heart seem to positively melt at the sight of whimsical jewelry like jeweled beetles and snakes.
I have one pair of insect earrings.  That’s all I need, because bugs gross me out. But if you love insect jewelry, Halloween is the time to flash your Jewelrystash. 


  • Realistic animal depictions are eerier than abstract images.
  • A bug ring on the hand that gives candy is very chilling-I once used black plastic spider rings to great effect.
  • A costume or overall d├ęcor theme related to your insect jewelry can intensify the creepy effect.
  • Bigger bug jewelry works best for scaring kids.

Vintage Bug Pin

  • Junk jewelry is the best option so you can keep gold, collectible animal jewelry safely tucked-away.
  • Mexican Taxco sterling silver jewelry comes in numerous, very scary designs for Halloween.  Vintage and modern items are easy to find, online and at silver markets.
Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Once I saw a guy wearing a plate-sized gold scorpion pendant at the auto mechanic at 8 am. I actually wondered what he did for a living. But I figured it out after a moment or two.


Flag lapel pins send a different, very positive message.

Colorful Flag Lapel Pin-Jewelry with a Message

Flag pins are refined, classy mens jewelry.  They add a colorful touch to any suit jacket.  And they do make me feel patriotic.
Enameled silver, full-color versions are the most endearing to me.  But tri-color all gold flag pins are the classiest and not as expensive as they look.


I am usually suspicious of men who wear larger or more jewelry than I do.

I usually can only handle a wedding band, a chain necklace and maybe 1 earring, depending on the guy.  Also, there is something very primal about shark tooth or bear claw pendants that I admire.

Flag pins will always be on my mens jewelry list.

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

Monday, October 8, 2012


The seasons are changing and the hot air is coming and going.  Nooo… I am not talking about the weather. I am talking about all those campaign advertisments blowing hot air during this political season.
While most political advertisements are on television these days, you can still acquire political buttons featuring the presidential candidates.
Stop into the local campaign office to see if you can buy a ticket to a fundraiser in your area.  Most likely, freebie political buttons will be given away at the fundraiser.  Or make a special request to buy, OOPS, I mean contribute to the campaign to get a button.
Political buttons make great collectibles and they are rare for contemporary candidates.

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

Friday, October 5, 2012


To Remember to Stay Sweet

Ponder these 5 inspirations for Sweetest Day 2012 Saturday Oct. 20 when you shop for jewelry gifts.

Richard Burton bought Elizabeth Taylor some of the world’s biggest and finest diamonds. But did you know, he then sought the smallest diamond for his love. He bought her a glowing small diamond ring for her pinky finger.
  • Giving less sometimes means so much more.

A modern-day sultan gave all the young women he invited for a game of badminton a small treasure box crammed full with luxury jewelry.
  • Special “Thank Yous” are unforgettable.

Brad Pitt-personally designed every aspect of the unusual engagement ring he gave his love, Angelina Jolie.
  • The “thought” counts for more than you can imagine.

The Duke of Windsor provided the Duchess, the ex Mrs. Simpson with her own crown jewels throughout their time together.
  • Your queen or king deserves the best, forever.

Basketball player Kobe Bryant gave his wife a mega-carat diamond ring to make-up for bad sex-with another woman.
  • Big gifts “speak volumes” when there is nothing you can say.

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

Monday, October 1, 2012


Gifting skull, Gothic and vampire jewelry styles that shout “Be afraid, be very afraid” has gone mainstream. Skull jewelry is now widely available and easy to buy and give as a gift.
Years ago this type of jewelry was only sold at small darkly- lite shops, at the back of low-rent shopping malls, on the bad side of town.
The popularity of this jewelry is largely due to best-selling morbid and dark-themed video games.  For most wearers, it’s just a fantasy fashion style.

So what, if it's not Halloween yet.
But you may know individuals who need to display this type of jewelry style.  For some, it’s their way of protecting themselves.
The loving symbolism behind a diamond cross or heart pendant is not the message these individuals want to send to people they encounter.  So give them the appropriate jewelry gift choice, unless you really want them to know about a more inspiring message.

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…