Thursday, July 19, 2012


My teeny tiny Chinese 24K gold panda coin earrings often suddenly interrupt conversations in mid-sentence. Onlookers, especially men, stop talking, quizzically look and then ask “Are those real coins?!!” Coin jewelry gets noticed!


I often wear these gold coin earrings instead of diamond studs because the yellow glint of gold brightens my face unlike any gemstone.
Fake coins set in classy fashion jewelry even get close-up looks.
Bystanders often ask about my coin bracelet made with old Italian liras.  The coins were real currency used in Italy before that nation switched to the Euro. The now worthless coins are made from a base metal alloy, not a precious metal.


The stamped little human portraits and animals images like pandas, lions and tigers, are eye-catching.
 I have a Kennedy silver dollar coin that I wear on the reverse to showcase the American Eagle.  I put it in a coin bezel, hang it on a leather cord and wear it on the 4th of July to celebrate America.
My Kennedy dollar was an $8 find at a yard sale about 10 years ago. I bought it from a gentleman who had a large box of these silver coins.  Too bad I only bought one coin because the silver spot price has increased at least threefold in 10 years. Arghhhh…..


Perhaps your spouse has a coin collection.  Ask about using a ancient Roman, old Spanish or  other distinctive coin for jewelry.
The coin really does not have to be ancient, rare, expensive or even real.  It should just have a compelling image.
Take the coin to a coin dealer and ask them to measure it and then securely set it in a bezel for a necklace pendant or a charm bracelet.
Cuff links holding coins are particularly stunning mens jewelry.
Determine whether you want to wear it on the obverse, main side of the coin or on the reverse side if it has a particularly interesting image.
Coin bezels can be really inexpensive unless the coin is irregularly shaped.  Do not allow the coin to be 1) punched, 2) cut out or 3) shaved.


Actress Elizabeth Taylor often wore a waist length heavy gold chain with gold coin stations. See the necklace at Pinterest - Pat Thomas- Favorite Jewelry Mavericks. 
Ambassador Pamela Harriman’s choker with a huge ancient coin was her statement jewelry style.
Coin jewelry is an Old World iconic cultural jewelry style worn globally from East Africa to Central Europe to the heights of the Western European fashion world.

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

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