Monday, July 16, 2012


Tonight’s episode included a most bizarre scene in which Dina takes a collectible poster from the movie “Pale Rider” off the wall of a restaurant, carries it down the street on her head  and puts it in the back of her SUV. 
This was to oblige the restaurant’s owner desire for an autograph by Dina’s husband.  Dina had first asked the owner if she wanted an autograph.


Dina also went out of her way to mollify her daughter.  Morgan had an emotional reaction to Dina waving hello to some of her school friends. 
Uncle Dominic surprised his wife by giving her a formal marriage proposal at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. Dominic said he regretted not giving his wife a planned proposal before they married. Francesca Eastwood witnessed the proposal.
Tyler and Francesca discussed marrying in the future.
Musical group Overtone gave a concert with no dancing: Zulu stepping or otherwise.
Wedding rings, engagement jewelry and important diamond gifts were all a major storyline focal point.

Jewelry Accessory Styles

  • Dina wore simple small sterling silver disk earrings, accented with blue beads, together with a large pendant inlayed with black and white gemstones hanging on a long liquid silver chain.
  • In one of Dina’s narration spots, she wears very long, huge silver stampato earring with coral bead drops. In another spot she had on a black diamond bead necklace with a rough cut diamond focal bead.
  • Dina also wore an oval pinky ring which appeared to be vintage Mexican Taxco inlay jewelry.
  • Francesca wore her large gold and turquoise cabochon ring.
  • Watch this You Tube video for jewelry looks on the stars of Mrs. Eastwood and Company: Dina and Francesca interviewed on The View.

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