Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How Much Is That Doggy Collar In The Window

Got Bling?

Safety and comfort are the first requirements for my new puppy’s collar, but pretty little lady Ms. JW’s new collar has got to have some glitz, flair and pizzazz.
 I’m not going to buy anything too expensive, but Ms. JW need to always look glamorous,  hot and fashionable.

So it’s off a shopping we go to the pet store for a blingy doggy collar.

Monday, March 3, 2014

What Irene's Aquamarine Birthstone Ring Told Me

Jewelry manufacturing jewelry
Craftsmanship means attention to detail

 Irene’s March birthstone ring was a larger aquamarine solitaire, well-cut, beautifully polished and  a gem with a traditional water color tint.   Perhaps you have an older co-worker or friend, like my ex-boss Irene, who wears the most distinctive and well-made jewelry. 
Her ring's  setting had longer, stronger prongs and a thicker ring shank. The ring contained a generous amount of gold.


Irene’s choice of aquamarine birthstone ring was a mirror image of her in many respects.

Unfortunately,  in 2014, middle-class values for jewelry  have somehow been translated into the words “cheap and cheaper” as the price of gold has risen. 

Some examples of poor craftsmanship include: thin shanks, short prongs, poorly polished gems and highly included gems. Further some material just looks better in gold instead of silver, like pearls.

I won’t forget Irene  and her well-made aquamarine birthstone ring.   And just like she always inspired me to do better on the job, I will always seek the best jewelry value for my money.


Why You Need To Return Bad Jewelry Purchases NOW!

Woman not impressed with package contents
She's not impressed at all

If “Ugh” is your first reaction when you open a delivery of jewelry, you just need to return it immediately to get your money back and restore your confidence.   Sending back a jewelry purchase will allow you to get your confidence back after being hoodwinked  into buying jewelry that looks nothing like the description on the internet or in a printed catalog.
A stiff upper lip is the number one thing that you need to return unwanted jewelry. 
 Otherwise your cash money could be tied-up in jewelry that you don’t like and don't want. In these economic times, it's really is your money versus their money. 
Returning a bad jewelry purchase  is how you can save your own personal economy by restoring  money to your bank account.

Key Steps to Ensure Trouble-free Returns

  • Read and understand the return policies of vendors before you buy:  Is the return period 10 days, 30 days or longer?  Or returns not allowed?
  • Does the vendor’s return policy state that a purchase can be returned for any reason or only if defective in some manner?
  • Will you be able to get a full refund?  Or will you be charged a re-stocking fee, which can be as much as 10% of the purchase price.
  • Will you only be able to exchange an item or be given a store credit?

Packing  and Mailing Returned Merchandise

  • Open cardboard boxes and plastic wrapping carefully so that it can reused.
  • Save all invoices, inventory tags and packing slips for at least 90 days.
  • Complete return forms accurately and completely. Carefully wrap the jewelry for return and include any inventory tags.
  • Pack and securely seal the return package. Get the package insured if the jewelry’s value warrants it.
  • Check your statement for a credit in 10 days.  Contact the vendor if you do not see a credit in 10 days.

In Store Returns

  • Gather your receipt and the jewelry inventory tag.
  • Repack the jewelry in the original box or packages to prevent damage before you get to the store.
  • Present the return and receipt to the sales clerk. Stoically explain that you are returning your jewelry purchase for a refund.
  • Provide your bank card if asked.
  • Obtain a refund receipt to check your bank statement or credit card records.
  • Check your statement within 1 or 2 days for a credit.
Instead of staring at a piece of jewelry you will never wear, you can look at  more money on your bank statement.  But only if you return the bad jewelry purchase. Now!