Wednesday, July 11, 2012


In this week’s episode, Overtone started a new choreography routine because the Zulu stepping they so magnificently and masterfully perform is just, well… Zulu stepping. 
Apparently those Zululand moves  popularized by Ladysmith Black Mambazo in the 1970s may not be enough to succeed in today's music scene or Realityland. 

But Dina Eastwood did not change her jewelry style in the episode despite the east coast Florida  locale.


  • Francesca Eastwood-revealing, closer detail of her polished gold bangle-it appeared have a screw head design-luxury jewelry maker possibly red box. Hint: a screwdriver's needed.  
  • Housekeeper Lisa Thrash  was working that hot new jewelry trend of wearing one, that’s 1 fringe earring which she shares with Mrs. Eastwood.
  • That one earring was a multi-color, shoulder-duster, woven bead fringe, hanging from a ½ silver disk- Southwest Native American jewelry design-fashion jewelry or beading kit,  widely available.
  • Most of Dina’s accessories were Native American Southwestern jewelry with large turquoise cabochons.
  • Dina wore a notable pair of long dangle earrings, sterling silver arrow design dominated by a large cabochon of green malachite. (Something was very unusual and different about the back side of the earrings.)
  • In one scene, Dina wears an incredibly stunning but simple black choker with turquoise rondelle beads strung in the front-Fantastic, clever design! Excuse me… I am going to minimize this file for a moment so I can do an online order of those beads right now…. Ok, I’m back.
  • John Wright, celebrity music manager, wore a black and white beaded necklace which vaguely reminded me of the strange two-tone, twisted “necklaces” MLB baseball players wear.
  • Tyler’s aunt-looking sophisticated in gold ear wires, looped and dangling-boutique jewelry style.
  • Dina Eastwood-wearing a small, clover cross, from all appearances, hung on a red string-Christian religious jewelry.


  • Tyler and Francesca confronted Tyler’s past with his parents while visiting them in Jacksonville, Florida.
  •  Overtone and Dina met with a celebrity music manager in Florida.


Anyway, Dina wearing Southwestern jewelry in Florida reminded me of her husband, Clint Eastwood’s 1970s starring role in Coogan’s Bluff. The movie was about Arizona cowboy Deputy Coogan in New York City to retrieve a fugitive.

Coogan didn’t change his clothing style to blend-in and he fought his way through NYC streets wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. The movie has flawless continuity with wardrobe and accessories like the main character's sterling silver bolo tie.
Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

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