Thursday, June 28, 2012


Ugh…. I am staying at home and working through the summer. Here’s what I wear to go from a business look to the beachy fun feeling of casual jewelry:
  1. Flashy, funky costume jewelry
  2. Replace white diamond pendants and white pearl strands with necklaces set with colorful semi-precious gemstones, like Sleeping Beauty turquoise.
  3. Wear pastel-colored freshwater pearls in irregular, baroque shapes;
  4. Slip on a necklace set with tiny rough cut colored diamond beads for a  hot trendy look;
  5. Wear seashell jewelry of any variety not just mother of pearl for the quickest way to accessorize summer clothing’s lighter colors;
  6. Change from a serious watch to a  sports watch with a white ceramic or plastic band;
  7. Sport a shady cool green jade bead bracelet with a wood bangle
  8. Look so cool in white hot, glistening Italian silver;
  9. Wear unique fine jewelry with quirky, whimsical designs to automatically generate a fun summer attitude; and,
  10. CHEAP fashion jewelry never, ever fails to satisfy me.
 Boutique jewelry is always distinctive but it’s expensive. You can get great buys on hot new trends of  handcrafted jewelry from your local artisans at art and crafts fairs.
Or, if you are going on a real vacation, check-out artisan jewelry at open air markets at your  vacation spot.

Do you have more tips for finding casual jewelry styles for summer???  I'd love to read them.

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

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