Thursday, July 26, 2012


The demure little black jewelry that China wears on the L.A. Hair cable show may be more powerful than is obvious at first glance.

Deflector Shield Jewelry?

The notion that Black gemstones  protect the wearer from  “bad vibes” as in frequency wave vibrations with electromagnetic radiation created by cell phone transmissions has been promoted by writers from all over the internet blogosphere.
That theory may partially explain why I have been noticing that hot new jewelry trend over the past 2 years of young women wearing little black jewelry just like China.

Common Black Gemstones

  • Black diamond-mirror cut for high reflection
  • Black tourmaline-they emit small amounts of radiation
  • Black sapphires-star sapphires for interest
  • Black Tahitian pearls
  • Black opals
  • Tiger’s eye
  • Black spinel
  • Black onyx
  • You may even want to set these gemstones in black rhodium plated silver or pure black titanium. 

Power Statement Jewelry

Overall, though, black colored jewelry works very well  with certain personality types and skin tones making a feminine and dramatic statement that oddly connotes power.
I first saw this jewelry look in Chicago on a bank teller and on lunch hour strollers downtown two years ago. I noticed it again this spring on a hotel clerk in Florida.
Here and there, young women, not wearing uniforms are sporting small black earrings and other petite black jewelry styles. They all come across to me as charmingly serious as evidenced by their posture, speaking manner and overall persona.
See China’s black jewelry style and black titanium metal settings at Pinterest-Pat Thomas-Color Me Black Jewelry.

In the Black

If your cell phone is almost smoking from max talk time, there’s no scientific evidence to support theories that black gemstones block or deflect radiation from cell phone transmissions, yet.
On me, black earrings come across like celestial black holes where nobody wants to go.  I’ve tried different gemstones but black pearls look the worse.  That’s too bad because pearls are my birthstone and I would desperately like to look good in Tahitian Black pearls.  But I don’t look good.
Maybe you still don’t think that black jewelry has something to do with power. Remember Queen Victoria’s black clothes and black mourning jewelry which she wore for years after her husband died?  OK, maybe it was just a coincidence that she held the British Empire together during her lifetime.

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

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