Monday, July 23, 2012


Lisa Thrash, the housekeeper said it: ‘Dina Eastwood is a great boss!’ And I believe it! Dina Eastwood’s jewelry is like June Cleaver’s pearls worn on the Leave It to Beaver 60s TV show.
These accessories silently bespeak ‘I am the adult here and I’m in charge.’
Tonight’s season finale “Splash of Freedom” was about Dina’s children and her musical group accepting wisdom, insight and warnings from Dina as they take paths onto new directions.


  • Daughter Morgan accepted an invitation for a photo shoot by Francesca’s boyfriend Tyler.
  • Tyler and Dina agreed to “bury the hatchet.” 
  • Musical group Overtone decided to move to Los Angeles to advance their career.
  • Overtone performed a free farewell concert.
Like most effective leaders, Dina pulled-in individuals with more knowledge than herself to assist with thinking through critical issues and getting around potential mind fields.

For example:

  •  At some unexplained point, Dina decided Overtone needed a more experience manager. 
  •  Also, she sought outside help from a “mentor” to assist her during a crisis with daughter Morgan. 
  • She sought the help of a psychologist for one particularly troubled Overtone member who had cut into his wrists.
Motherhood and business leadership are more multi-faceted in 2012 than in 1960. And Dina Eastwood’s jewelry is more multi-dimensional than June Cleaver’s pearls.


  • A Black diamond bead choker with a white diamond or crystal focal pendant, boutique style jewelry, accessorized a tambour beaded tee shirt featuring an “evil eye” sequin design.
  • Large turquoise gemstone drop earrings and multiple turquoise bracelets were worn with a blue turquoise colored top.
  • A Large cabochon turquoise on a bracelet that featured woven Native American pattern beading.
  • An impressive, iconic waist-length statement necklace featuring a large purple gemstone cabochon-nearly saucer size: The style is Couture jewelry possibly from the same French designer  as the blue turquoise gemstone pendant and green chiffon necklace Dina often wears on narration spots.
  •  I am not sure but the purple cabochon could be purple turquoise.
  • Matching large purple faceted gemstone earrings, possibly purple sapphire-boutique jewelry. I am honestly stumped about these purple gemstone earrings. Maybe the gemstone is amethyst with excellent color.
I interrupt this blog post so that I can express my heartfelt condolences to all the victims of the Friday night massacre in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012. May God rest the souls of the people killed in the sneak attack. May God keep the injured victims and all of the families strong during this sorrowful time. May Jesus hold 7 year old Heaven Sutton to his bosom.
Back to the blog post…

  • Jewelry set with a large pendant-black, white and multi-colored inlayed gemstones worn with a matching cuff and earrings. The jewelry set is handcrafted, Native American style by a premier New Mexico jewelry designer.
Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

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