Sunday, April 29, 2012


And the winner isOval or round dangle hoop earrings with diamonds or gemstones for celebrities wearing jewelry. This was the clear celebrity style jewelry trend at the 2012 White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) Dinner at the Hilton Hotel in Washington D. C.
Here are some celebrity style jewelry details:
First Lady Michelle Obama sported gemstone studded dangle hoop earrings.  She wore a strapless, jewel tone multi-colored, floral print, ball gown.  The strapless gown featured a shirred bias bodice and full skirt.
Charlize Theron, the face of Dior’s J’adore perfume, was attired in a stunning black lace fitted gown with a cut-out back and fishtail hem.  She wore little visible jewelry.

Cynthia McFadden from ABC’s Nightline wore chunky green emerald gemstone oval dangle earrings to accessorize her off-shoulder black ball gown.  The dress featured  a very low-cut sweetheart neckline.
Reese Witherspoon, the Legally Blonde actress, had on large turquoise gemstone oval dangle earrings to set-off a black, strappy cut-out one-shoulder, gown.

Diane Keaton, the Annie Hall actress, displayed her trademark white pantsuit with black pinstripes.  She didn’t wear any visible jewelry but did have on her white bowler hat and amber tinted glasses.
Goldie Hawn, looked demure in a diamond station necklace featuring a 2 inch diamond dangle drop and small diamond hoops.  She wore a black lace slip gown topped with a white fur stole.

Deborah Roberts, former ABC 20/20 correspondent and also Al Roker's wife was colorfully dressed in a flowing fuchsia silk halter gown,  goddess style.  It featured black and white crystal beaded applique at the neckline and was tied at the neck with a black silk bow.
She wore large diamond oval double hoop earrings.

Alien actress Sigourney Weaver’s jewelry included chunky chain bracelets and large dangle cognac diamond earrings.  She wore a black satin gown with a flounced V-cut neckline.

Mary J. Blige sparkled in a tight-fitting, knee length dress, with a high side-slit black satin skirt.  The dress’s sheer black chiffon  silk top bodice was pinstriped with silver sequins.
She wore little visible jewelry.
Kim Kardashian wore conspicuous diamond studs to accessorize a demure, emerald green velvet sleeveless gown.  The dress featured white sparkling sequined appliques on the shoulders and a sequined belt.

Kris Jenner wore lengthy diamond dangle earrings with oval diamond drops.  She also sported large diamond cuffs and chunky chain bracelets.
Jenner’s dress was an one-shoulder, flowing red silk, goddess gown.

Demure, simple jewelry or little visible jewelry was the celebrity style choice for many actresses and news correspondents on the red carpet procession for the dinner.
Many attendees were sans jewelry, conceivably a political statement about the state of the economy. Also,  I didn't notice anything like Harry Winston's trademark jewelry style accessories.

President Baraka Obama attended the dinner along with  the First Lady. The WHCA dinner  is a scholarship fundraiser for awards to aspiring journalism students. The dinner was broadcast on the CSpan cable channel.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Will and Kate’s Ring – The Fairytale’s Anniversary

The fairytale goes on… What a thrill that the English royal couple, William and Kate, is celebrating their 1st anniversary.  The story began with Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring. 
Time is life and so Will goes on with his bride.
It’s so poignant that William gave Kate the sapphire ring that belonged to his mother.
As Diana’s marriage dissolved she continued her humanitarian work.
One of her visits was to the hospital that I worked for at the time. Our hospital was known for treating patients regardless of their ability to pay for services.  Diana had specifically requested that our hospital be put on her official itinerary.
I only saw a fleeting profile view of her.  But luckily, my co-worker, a wannabe paparazzi, got a much closer look at Diana. 
In fact, he was able to take one of last photographs of Diana wearing the sapphire and diamond ring:  She and her husband announced their divorce shortly after she left town and went back home to England.
I’ve always felt that fairytales have some basis in reality. 
Diana's humanity seemed so touching. I did not know Diana, but I read the following news story about her.
Shortly after becoming seriously involved with the Prince of Wales, Diana left her humble babysitting job.  Soon after she married, she traveled on official engagements with her husband.
One visit on the social calendar was a royal visit to Washington D. C. While on official business, Diana decided to look-up an American family and their child that she had babysat when the couple lived in London.
What other royal or celebrity would be humble enough to “drop by” the people they used to babysit for?
 I know of only one other “royal jewel” of a man who made strong efforts to keep in-touch regularly with all his friends, connect distant relatives and reach-out to acquaintances. 
Everyone lamented how much they sorely missed the way he connected us all when he was gone.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


If Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring is too pricey, how much can you afford for a diamond with good clarity, decent size and a flashy cut? Learn about engagement ring pricing from this unique 10 point guide, by Huffington Post, to finding diamond savings. 

Monday, April 23, 2012


Bulgari 's "The Art of Jewellry Making" is a sumptuous visual of the Italian premier jewelry designer’s behind-the-scenes story. It features stunning vintage designs of expensive jewelry, contrasted with the personal styles of contemporary celebrities.
Sharon Stone, Angeline Jolie, Julianne Moore and Madonna are included.
Here’s a good starting place to get new ideas to update your own personal fine jewelry style right now.
The visual documents Bulgari’s design and manufacturing of opulent creations from the chalkboard to custom goldsmithing for settings. 
My favorite part:  Unpolished almost raw yellow diamonds, rubies and emeralds, laying in tentative designs on whiteboards like just finished puzzles.
Oh...! What a job-brainstorming with expensive jewels!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Fanciful watch rings, watch charms, pendant timepieces and opulent brand new wristwatch models for men were recently featured  in NYT’s T Magazine and Sunday Styles.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Decades before NAFTA became law in the 1990s, my mother made her own trade arrangements with her Mexican-American co-workers to occasionally buy a few pieces of Taxco sterling silver jewelry.
My mother didn’t buy much of the silver. She simply doesn’t wear much of any jewelry except for her wedding ring.  But many of her silver pieces are representative of some of the major styles of handcrafted Taxco.

For example, a pair of pierced earrings she bought is modernist geometric Taxco. The earrings are very large, double hoops.  The lower hoop on each earring balances like a Calder mobile kinetic sculpture.
Funny, my mother’s ears weren’t pierced when she bought the earrings.  Later in life she did have her ears pierced, but not for long.  Never really an earring wearer, let alone large hoops, my mother let her tiny holes close.
So my mother has never worn the Taxco mobiles.  I wear them. They are big fun and capture a lot of attention.
Besides the modernist geometric Taxco silver styles, some other
· Faun and Flora
· Whimsical
· Aztec, Mayan or Native Mexican
· Non-Jewelry Items
· Gemstone

· The bright white color is easy to clean with a soft cloth.
·  The silver color is whiter than silver from other countries, in my opinion.
· The amount of the precious metal is always substantial and heavy. The only exception is a pair of earrings I purchased from a TV shopping channel.
· The modern silver pieces are 0.925, usually marked but not always.  Some vintage jewelry is an alloy blend of non-silver metals marked “alpaca”.
· It’s modestly priced-even with the silver spot price tripling over the last 2 years.  Right now there are items being sold online for less than $20 (with the Taxco hallmark). The prices on TV shopping channels seem higher because of the delivery charges.

This is a first in a series of periodic posts about Taxco artisan sterling jewelry.  Check back for more details.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


A young female medical student looked over the waiting room while I was waiting to be called by my physician. She appeared neat, meticulous, and serious, except for her watch. 
It was a red gold dress watch, with a simple link bracelet and bright white diamonds surrounding the dial.
 But it was the BIGGEST WATCH DIAL I’d ever seen, far bigger than any divers or pilots watch. 
That timepiece would have made Flavor Flav proud.
The medical student was wearing a conservative but trendy black flared skirt, with a white shirt under her student jacket. She wore nude hose with black velvet flats.

Her stethoscope was draped around her neck.

EVERYBODY can wear at least one fun piece of jewelry. Whether it’s, for example
  • A stupendous pair of 14K gold diamond hoop shoulder dusters, or a
  • Saucer-sized turquoise pendant, or a
  • A statement ring with a Ping Pong ball sized crystal gemstone
  • Quirky fashion or costume trinkets
  •  Handcrafted jewelry and artisan-made pieces especially reveal a fun personality.  This is true whether you are young or feeling young.

  1.  “HAVE FUN”  within reason, and 
  2.  Wear 2 pieces max.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Is the gold in your suntan or skin tone best accentuated by glistening 14k or 18k gold earrings?  Maybe you don’t want to go near a jewelry counter because of the rising price per ounce of gold.

Well, here are some yellow gemstones which will flash that golden look and punctuate the gilt on your skin:
AMBER – Widely available everywhere, usually set in silver.  Try Dominican Blue Amber which has an amazing fluorescent optics property: The color shifts  from golden brown to a bluish sunlit color when you wear it in the sun.
Actress Zoe Saldana as Uhura in the 2009 version of Star Trek appears to be wearing Dominican Blue Amber dangle earrings in the role below her “bluetooth” device.  Saldana is of Dominican ancestry.

Prices range between $25 and $50.
CITRINE – this yellow-bronze gemstone is widely available at department stores, art fairs featuring handcrafted jewelry and mom-and-pop jewelry stores.  It’s usually set in silver, for less than $25.

YELLOW DIAMONDS – Apparently these are Rihanna’s favorite. Small irradiated golden-colored diamond earrings are widely available at online stores.  Larger stones can be found at premier jewelry and department stores for viewing.

Fine gemstone prices range from $1K to $15K but modestly priced yellow diamond beads are also sold for DIY jewelry crafting.

YELLOW SAPPHIRE – Smaller, treated gemstones are widely available at online stores.  Larger, natural colored stones with a flash factor comparable to diamonds can be purchased from  online stores specializing in unheated sapphire gemstones. 
Be sure to check the return policy because cut, polish and lack of treatments are the most important price factors. 

Yellow sapphire is my choice because the pure, absolute yellow color seems ethereal or otherworldly.

Good quality gemstones can be found for less than $1K.

Golden Sea pearls are a softer colored option. Other yellow gemstones include TIGER’S EYE, MEXICAN OPAL and TOURMALINE.

Some jewelry designers consider 10K GOLD  the new 18K because the spot gold price has been trending between $1600 and $1700 over the last 30 days. The spot price will be  edging  close to $1800 before long.