Thursday, July 5, 2012


Jewelry styles that shout 'PLAY' could save your sanity in an increasingly crazy world. Quirky, fun designs are not just for kids. Jewelry that’s fanciful and not serious can soften the attitudes of people around you.
Charm bracelets aren’t called “charm” for nothing.  When I look at one, the whimsical symbols immediately relax me.
My tiny clown earrings never fail to spark a comment.  My pink watermelon slice earrings often get a head tilt and a big smile from onlookers.
Sample fashion jewelry to shop for:
  • Fruit Charms – apples with a missing bite and red cherries are my favorite
  • Jeweled Insects - especially butterflies and yellow striped bees
  • Sports motifs - like soccer balls or baseball bats
  • Hobby motifs – cooking, sewing and knitting
  • Animals - including birds, fish, turtles, elephants (trunks up), cats and dogs
  • Occupations - like the cowboys often illustrated in Taxco silver jewelry
  • Engraved jewelry with funny words or sayings
  • Holiday symbols – like Christmas tree ornament earrings
  • Small baby jewelry earrings are cute alternatives to diamond studs.

I am not talking couture jewelry for J Lo here. Fashion jewelry is a dollar sensible way to collect fun trinkets, but Sterling and 14K charms can be fun too.
Most people want to play, even if they don’t know it. 
Colorful, playful jewelry styles in earrings, bracelet charms, rings and especially necklace pendants can lighten moods.
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