Monday, July 30, 2012


Throngs of beachgoers nearly knocked me down once as our family trekked to Chicago’s Annual Air and Water Show at the lakefront.  I had stopped in the midst of the entire crowd, frozen by the sight of racks of earrings being sold for $5.00 by some of the vendors who lined the path to the beach.
The earrings were clearly not junk jewelry and the vendors were not your ordinary sellers of show mementoes, imported trinkets and toys. 


These were Peruvian women dressed in native colorful costumes and wearing their trademark felt bowler hats selling long silver Peruvian earrings, their own handcrafted jewelry.
The earring designs were made of curled silver wire, highlighted with shiny tiny tabs and wire-wrapped genuine semi-precious gemstone cabochons like
  • orange carnelian
  • rose quartz
  • black onyx
I was amazed that such intricately worked silver chandelier earrings with genuine gemstones were only $5.00.
I bought 4 different pairs, each with a different colored gemstone.
I realized later at home that the earrings were very heavy because of the gemstones.  Also they weren’t sterling but a silver alloy with nickel.  So I switched the earrings’ French hooks for pierced ears to clip-ons.


But at 4 inches long, the earrings were very exotic at the time of my purchase. I only wore them at casual evening events.  After a while, I just didn’t wear them as much and they stayed in back of my jewelry stash.
But today’s jewelry looks call for long earrings for daytime accessories as well as evening. 
So I proudly support Peruvian women and sport my Peruvian earrings all of the time now. They seriously rival any diamond chandelier earrings worn by Kim Kardashian or her mom.


You do not have to go to the beach to find this ethnic jewelry style, the earrings are sold on the internet at many online stores for very modest prices ranging from $10-$15 including shipping.
You can view a pin of Peruvian silver  hand-crafted chandelier earrings at Pinterest-Pat Thomas-Jewelry Hot Trends.
Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

Thursday, July 26, 2012


The demure little black jewelry that China wears on the L.A. Hair cable show may be more powerful than is obvious at first glance.

Deflector Shield Jewelry?

The notion that Black gemstones  protect the wearer from  “bad vibes” as in frequency wave vibrations with electromagnetic radiation created by cell phone transmissions has been promoted by writers from all over the internet blogosphere.
That theory may partially explain why I have been noticing that hot new jewelry trend over the past 2 years of young women wearing little black jewelry just like China.

Common Black Gemstones

  • Black diamond-mirror cut for high reflection
  • Black tourmaline-they emit small amounts of radiation
  • Black sapphires-star sapphires for interest
  • Black Tahitian pearls
  • Black opals
  • Tiger’s eye
  • Black spinel
  • Black onyx
  • You may even want to set these gemstones in black rhodium plated silver or pure black titanium. 

Power Statement Jewelry

Overall, though, black colored jewelry works very well  with certain personality types and skin tones making a feminine and dramatic statement that oddly connotes power.
I first saw this jewelry look in Chicago on a bank teller and on lunch hour strollers downtown two years ago. I noticed it again this spring on a hotel clerk in Florida.
Here and there, young women, not wearing uniforms are sporting small black earrings and other petite black jewelry styles. They all come across to me as charmingly serious as evidenced by their posture, speaking manner and overall persona.
See China’s black jewelry style and black titanium metal settings at Pinterest-Pat Thomas-Color Me Black Jewelry.

In the Black

If your cell phone is almost smoking from max talk time, there’s no scientific evidence to support theories that black gemstones block or deflect radiation from cell phone transmissions, yet.
On me, black earrings come across like celestial black holes where nobody wants to go.  I’ve tried different gemstones but black pearls look the worse.  That’s too bad because pearls are my birthstone and I would desperately like to look good in Tahitian Black pearls.  But I don’t look good.
Maybe you still don’t think that black jewelry has something to do with power. Remember Queen Victoria’s black clothes and black mourning jewelry which she wore for years after her husband died?  OK, maybe it was just a coincidence that she held the British Empire together during her lifetime.

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

Monday, July 23, 2012


Lisa Thrash, the housekeeper said it: ‘Dina Eastwood is a great boss!’ And I believe it! Dina Eastwood’s jewelry is like June Cleaver’s pearls worn on the Leave It to Beaver 60s TV show.
These accessories silently bespeak ‘I am the adult here and I’m in charge.’
Tonight’s season finale “Splash of Freedom” was about Dina’s children and her musical group accepting wisdom, insight and warnings from Dina as they take paths onto new directions.


  • Daughter Morgan accepted an invitation for a photo shoot by Francesca’s boyfriend Tyler.
  • Tyler and Dina agreed to “bury the hatchet.” 
  • Musical group Overtone decided to move to Los Angeles to advance their career.
  • Overtone performed a free farewell concert.
Like most effective leaders, Dina pulled-in individuals with more knowledge than herself to assist with thinking through critical issues and getting around potential mind fields.

For example:

  •  At some unexplained point, Dina decided Overtone needed a more experience manager. 
  •  Also, she sought outside help from a “mentor” to assist her during a crisis with daughter Morgan. 
  • She sought the help of a psychologist for one particularly troubled Overtone member who had cut into his wrists.
Motherhood and business leadership are more multi-faceted in 2012 than in 1960. And Dina Eastwood’s jewelry is more multi-dimensional than June Cleaver’s pearls.


  • A Black diamond bead choker with a white diamond or crystal focal pendant, boutique style jewelry, accessorized a tambour beaded tee shirt featuring an “evil eye” sequin design.
  • Large turquoise gemstone drop earrings and multiple turquoise bracelets were worn with a blue turquoise colored top.
  • A Large cabochon turquoise on a bracelet that featured woven Native American pattern beading.
  • An impressive, iconic waist-length statement necklace featuring a large purple gemstone cabochon-nearly saucer size: The style is Couture jewelry possibly from the same French designer  as the blue turquoise gemstone pendant and green chiffon necklace Dina often wears on narration spots.
  •  I am not sure but the purple cabochon could be purple turquoise.
  • Matching large purple faceted gemstone earrings, possibly purple sapphire-boutique jewelry. I am honestly stumped about these purple gemstone earrings. Maybe the gemstone is amethyst with excellent color.
I interrupt this blog post so that I can express my heartfelt condolences to all the victims of the Friday night massacre in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012. May God rest the souls of the people killed in the sneak attack. May God keep the injured victims and all of the families strong during this sorrowful time. May Jesus hold 7 year old Heaven Sutton to his bosom.
Back to the blog post…

  • Jewelry set with a large pendant-black, white and multi-colored inlayed gemstones worn with a matching cuff and earrings. The jewelry set is handcrafted, Native American style by a premier New Mexico jewelry designer.
Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

Thursday, July 19, 2012


My teeny tiny Chinese 24K gold panda coin earrings often suddenly interrupt conversations in mid-sentence. Onlookers, especially men, stop talking, quizzically look and then ask “Are those real coins?!!” Coin jewelry gets noticed!


I often wear these gold coin earrings instead of diamond studs because the yellow glint of gold brightens my face unlike any gemstone.
Fake coins set in classy fashion jewelry even get close-up looks.
Bystanders often ask about my coin bracelet made with old Italian liras.  The coins were real currency used in Italy before that nation switched to the Euro. The now worthless coins are made from a base metal alloy, not a precious metal.


The stamped little human portraits and animals images like pandas, lions and tigers, are eye-catching.
 I have a Kennedy silver dollar coin that I wear on the reverse to showcase the American Eagle.  I put it in a coin bezel, hang it on a leather cord and wear it on the 4th of July to celebrate America.
My Kennedy dollar was an $8 find at a yard sale about 10 years ago. I bought it from a gentleman who had a large box of these silver coins.  Too bad I only bought one coin because the silver spot price has increased at least threefold in 10 years. Arghhhh…..


Perhaps your spouse has a coin collection.  Ask about using a ancient Roman, old Spanish or  other distinctive coin for jewelry.
The coin really does not have to be ancient, rare, expensive or even real.  It should just have a compelling image.
Take the coin to a coin dealer and ask them to measure it and then securely set it in a bezel for a necklace pendant or a charm bracelet.
Cuff links holding coins are particularly stunning mens jewelry.
Determine whether you want to wear it on the obverse, main side of the coin or on the reverse side if it has a particularly interesting image.
Coin bezels can be really inexpensive unless the coin is irregularly shaped.  Do not allow the coin to be 1) punched, 2) cut out or 3) shaved.


Actress Elizabeth Taylor often wore a waist length heavy gold chain with gold coin stations. See the necklace at Pinterest - Pat Thomas- Favorite Jewelry Mavericks. 
Ambassador Pamela Harriman’s choker with a huge ancient coin was her statement jewelry style.
Coin jewelry is an Old World iconic cultural jewelry style worn globally from East Africa to Central Europe to the heights of the Western European fashion world.

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

Monday, July 16, 2012


Tonight’s episode included a most bizarre scene in which Dina takes a collectible poster from the movie “Pale Rider” off the wall of a restaurant, carries it down the street on her head  and puts it in the back of her SUV. 
This was to oblige the restaurant’s owner desire for an autograph by Dina’s husband.  Dina had first asked the owner if she wanted an autograph.


Dina also went out of her way to mollify her daughter.  Morgan had an emotional reaction to Dina waving hello to some of her school friends. 
Uncle Dominic surprised his wife by giving her a formal marriage proposal at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. Dominic said he regretted not giving his wife a planned proposal before they married. Francesca Eastwood witnessed the proposal.
Tyler and Francesca discussed marrying in the future.
Musical group Overtone gave a concert with no dancing: Zulu stepping or otherwise.
Wedding rings, engagement jewelry and important diamond gifts were all a major storyline focal point.

Jewelry Accessory Styles

  • Dina wore simple small sterling silver disk earrings, accented with blue beads, together with a large pendant inlayed with black and white gemstones hanging on a long liquid silver chain.
  • In one of Dina’s narration spots, she wears very long, huge silver stampato earring with coral bead drops. In another spot she had on a black diamond bead necklace with a rough cut diamond focal bead.
  • Dina also wore an oval pinky ring which appeared to be vintage Mexican Taxco inlay jewelry.
  • Francesca wore her large gold and turquoise cabochon ring.
  • Watch this You Tube video for jewelry looks on the stars of Mrs. Eastwood and Company: Dina and Francesca interviewed on The View.

    Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time...


Tennis champion and jewelry designer Serena Williams was the very 1st guest star on the recent premier of “Trust Us with Your Life” a new ABC Improv comedy show.
Serena looked chic and very well styled wearing a chocolate day dress designed with shirring from top to bottom.  Here’s the video link
Fred Willard hosts the show which stars comedian Wayne Brady.
Wayne Brady led a troupe of improv comedians who acted out funny moments from Serena’s past as well as serenading Serena with a Hip Hop song.
She wore simple but large hoop earrings under a curly afro bob. Serena’s only other jewelry accessories for her daytime look on the show were a white bead charm bracelet and a wide pinky ring.
Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

Friday, July 13, 2012


Watch as Matt Williams hustles up spicy Louisiana hot wings along with wife Erica Williams star of the “Hopeless Housewife” TV show. The former Arizona Diamondbacks 3rd baseman has to be sure that he gets the wings fried just right.  So he takes off his diamond encrusted World Series Championship ring so  that he can really get his game on to flour the wings.
Those championship rings are always so much bigger than you’d imagine!
Here’s the link to the website and video:  The Hopeless Housewife
The ring flashes on at about 2:00 minutes into the video.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The gold tri-heart necklace Serena Williams wore in the 2012 Wimbledon matches may be a new design from her own jewelry line. Here is a YouTube Serena Williams interview with a better close-up of the necklace. Her jewelry is sold on a major TV shopping channel.   As I get more information, I'll update.


In this week’s episode, Overtone started a new choreography routine because the Zulu stepping they so magnificently and masterfully perform is just, well… Zulu stepping. 
Apparently those Zululand moves  popularized by Ladysmith Black Mambazo in the 1970s may not be enough to succeed in today's music scene or Realityland. 

But Dina Eastwood did not change her jewelry style in the episode despite the east coast Florida  locale.


  • Francesca Eastwood-revealing, closer detail of her polished gold bangle-it appeared have a screw head design-luxury jewelry maker possibly red box. Hint: a screwdriver's needed.  
  • Housekeeper Lisa Thrash  was working that hot new jewelry trend of wearing one, that’s 1 fringe earring which she shares with Mrs. Eastwood.
  • That one earring was a multi-color, shoulder-duster, woven bead fringe, hanging from a ½ silver disk- Southwest Native American jewelry design-fashion jewelry or beading kit,  widely available.
  • Most of Dina’s accessories were Native American Southwestern jewelry with large turquoise cabochons.
  • Dina wore a notable pair of long dangle earrings, sterling silver arrow design dominated by a large cabochon of green malachite. (Something was very unusual and different about the back side of the earrings.)
  • In one scene, Dina wears an incredibly stunning but simple black choker with turquoise rondelle beads strung in the front-Fantastic, clever design! Excuse me… I am going to minimize this file for a moment so I can do an online order of those beads right now…. Ok, I’m back.
  • John Wright, celebrity music manager, wore a black and white beaded necklace which vaguely reminded me of the strange two-tone, twisted “necklaces” MLB baseball players wear.
  • Tyler’s aunt-looking sophisticated in gold ear wires, looped and dangling-boutique jewelry style.
  • Dina Eastwood-wearing a small, clover cross, from all appearances, hung on a red string-Christian religious jewelry.


  • Tyler and Francesca confronted Tyler’s past with his parents while visiting them in Jacksonville, Florida.
  •  Overtone and Dina met with a celebrity music manager in Florida.


Anyway, Dina wearing Southwestern jewelry in Florida reminded me of her husband, Clint Eastwood’s 1970s starring role in Coogan’s Bluff. The movie was about Arizona cowboy Deputy Coogan in New York City to retrieve a fugitive.

Coogan didn’t change his clothing style to blend-in and he fought his way through NYC streets wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. The movie has flawless continuity with wardrobe and accessories like the main character's sterling silver bolo tie.
Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Nooo! Not one of Serena Williams’ blingy diamond necklaces gives  her the power to serve over 120 mph. Serena’s jewelry style, however,  reveals a secret approach she put in force today.
Here’s the scoop on Serena who just became a 5 time Wimbledon champion today winning 6-1, 5-7 and 6-2 over Poland’s Agnieska Rawanska.
‘Jewelry…tennis...secret???’ ‘Say What!’


Curiously, for once Serena didn’t wear any earrings, big or small, in a major tennis match.  Her demure necklace didn’t have any visible diamonds, just 3 smallish heart charms on a gold chain.
Serena was practically sans jewelry today.
This was very unusual for Serena, her normal jewelry style shouts “Statement”.
More unbelievable was Serena’s watch.  I have never seen her wearing a watch at a tournament match. On the red carpet, yes: But I have never noticed her wearing a timepiece on the court.


I believe that her watch was her advantage.  In today’s Wimbledon ladies championship match Williams appears to be wearing a digital watch: Either Hip Hop crowd pleaser Flud “beats per minute” watch or a black multi-function Casio DataBank watch during the ESPN broadcast. Wearers can enter text as well as numeric data into these timepieces. 
Both watches look utiliarian, just the thing for a techie.
  • What if the Casio timepiece replaced the little written notes that I used to see Serena reading between games?
  • What if Serena was tracking her cadence during the match on the Flud watch in the same way that runners time their cadence?
  • Why would any wealthy woman who could afford multiple, custom-made Happy Sport timepieces, if she so desired, wear a Casio or Flud? Answer: Digital timepieces from the 70s are making a huge comeback. 
  • Couldn’t she have chosen to wear a Gucci? That design house markets  popular high-end  mens and unisex digital watches and a diamond digital watch for ladies.
On one model, the entire bezel, top and sides, is covered with pave diamonds. Yeah, it has lots of diamonds just like Serena used to wear on the court.


Any woman champion who writes-out crib notes or wears a Casio Databank or Flud DJ watch has more than likely itemized and cataloged every possible aspect of her game.
Then one day, if the champion is very smart, she may notice that her old game isn’t working as well as it used to work. This could be due to age, illness or both.
 And she changes by striping away many of the old tactics and material objects that used to work or produce an “edge”, like the old notes, the jewelry, the clothes, the old hair styles or whatever. Old stuff blocks the path to a new win. 
Smart women choose to start over or to adapt their game plan.
The time comes when every champion has to win with brainpower not brawn if they want to stay a champion. Serena did it looking like a gem.

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Jewelry styles that shout 'PLAY' could save your sanity in an increasingly crazy world. Quirky, fun designs are not just for kids. Jewelry that’s fanciful and not serious can soften the attitudes of people around you.
Charm bracelets aren’t called “charm” for nothing.  When I look at one, the whimsical symbols immediately relax me.
My tiny clown earrings never fail to spark a comment.  My pink watermelon slice earrings often get a head tilt and a big smile from onlookers.
Sample fashion jewelry to shop for:
  • Fruit Charms – apples with a missing bite and red cherries are my favorite
  • Jeweled Insects - especially butterflies and yellow striped bees
  • Sports motifs - like soccer balls or baseball bats
  • Hobby motifs – cooking, sewing and knitting
  • Animals - including birds, fish, turtles, elephants (trunks up), cats and dogs
  • Occupations - like the cowboys often illustrated in Taxco silver jewelry
  • Engraved jewelry with funny words or sayings
  • Holiday symbols – like Christmas tree ornament earrings
  • Small baby jewelry earrings are cute alternatives to diamond studs.

I am not talking couture jewelry for J Lo here. Fashion jewelry is a dollar sensible way to collect fun trinkets, but Sterling and 14K charms can be fun too.
Most people want to play, even if they don’t know it. 
Colorful, playful jewelry styles in earrings, bracelet charms, rings and especially necklace pendants can lighten moods.
Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash…

Monday, July 2, 2012


This week, Dina Eastwood shape-shifted roles as “Mom”, “Mother” and “Mommy” with 15 year old daughter Morgan, who served notice that she ‘… will legally be an adult in a couple of years.’
Daughter Francesca Eastwood was somewhat distraught that her mother and housekeeper Lisa converted her increasingly unused bedroom into an art studio for Dina.
Dina debuted as a fine artist by showcasing one of her paintings with some lingering hesitancy about coming out as a fine artist painter: Saying at one point ‘…I’m not even an artist…I just want to be one.’
Dina also transitioned between many, many wearable art jewelry styles in tonight’s episode ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’.  So here’s what she wore  



  1. Majestic turquoise earrings with huge spiny coral or carnelian pear-shaped drops;
  2. Couture jewelry layered look of a necklace with a unique 2 tone turquoise pendant, together with a rock crystal point pendant on a waist length chain;
  3. Artsy looking large heart pendant designed with micro inlayed black and white gemstones hanging on a pale green gemstone beaded chain-premier jewelry designer style;
  4. Black and white gemstone micro inlay wide bangle bracelet- handcrafted designer jewelry;
  5. Dramatic black diamond beaded necklace centered with a large, rough cut, very white diamond or crystal-boutique jewelry looking;
  6. Art Nouveau style Sterling Necklace designed with multiple leaves-designer artisan jewelry;
  7. Stylish gold heishi bead choker-like liquid gold beads;
  8. Reddish and pink tone bead bracelet, with rough-cut opaque sapphires or other gemstone, punctuated by a yellow bead.


  9. Gold turquoise statement ring


10. White opaque bead bracelet, possibly a demure pearl bracelet

Of course the handcrafted jewelry wearable art was just a backdrop to this episode’s focus on change.
Everyone seems to be in the process of change, not just Dina, Francesca and Morgan.
  • Music group Overtone brainstormed for a new group name.
  • Uncle Dominic is becoming more patriarchal over the entire clan and Overtone.
  • Francesca’s boyfriend Tyler gave a lecture on how to effectively communicate. Hmm…
Change can be  an art form and new designs are always refreshing.

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…