Thursday, June 27, 2013

Amazing 3D Printed Jewelry

The future of jewelry design and manufacturing is here NOW and it's in 3D. Take a look at  this video of how one jewelry artisan, Melissa Borrell creates stunning jewelry designs with revolutionary 3D printer technology.

Ms. Borrell's 3 dimensional jewelry designs are incredible. The 3D jewelry has a cubist look.

A 3D Printer Technology Primer

The new technology of 3D printing takes computer aided design (CAD) a step further into what is termed "additive manufacturing".  This video from Sciaky explains the process better than I can.

3D printer technology reminds me of the "replicator" from TV's Star Trek The Next Generation.

No doubt 3D printed art jewelry   and other manufactured objects will be sold in stores everywhere and online soon for everyone to enjoy.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Manly Taxco Silver Belt Buckles

Mexican Taxco Silver Belt Buckle For Men
Men and boys wearing sagging pants revealing dingy, grey and dirty underwear has got to be one the saddest “sign of the times” in the new millennium.  I figure that I could make a fortune selling Mexican Taxco silver belt buckles.

I just want to scream “Man-up, wear a belt” when I see these saggy guys strutting their fashion style on the street.

Mexican belt buckles have got to be just about the manliest mens jewelry there is.

Shopping For Taxco Belt Buckles

They’re widely sold on online and  at Mexican-American import stores.
Vintage Taxco sterling silver buckles start at about $75 and exceed $500 in some cases. 

Buckles signed by the silversmith can be extremely expensive but basic models sell for less than $50. Brass and alpaca belt buckles are even more inexpensive.

Representative Types Taxco Belt Buckle Styles

Whimiscal eagle belt buckle with onyx inlay
  • Whimsical with animals like horses, eagles, steers and armadillos rendered in 3D
  • Inlay turquoise, malachite, or onyx styles
  • Scorpions preserved in resin
  • Concho Southwestern or Navajo  jewelry styles
  • Modernistic Art Deco styles that are reminiscent of car grills

Belt Buckle Fashion Statements

Most Mexican-style silver belt buckles are casual fashion looks. But they  serve the basic function of keeping boys and mens underwear undercover.

The “car grill” Taxco modernistic buckle styles would definitely be for the 'suit and tie' man who’s not into wearing jeans everyday.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer White Jewelry Style

Pale Jade's A Cooler Look For Summer

Look unfazed by the heat on a hot summer day by wearing jewelry made with these white or lite-colored gemstones and materials:

  • White Jade – this inexpensive opaque gemstone looks especially chic in bangle bracelets.  Or try the translucent very pale grey jadeite  expensive variety so beloved by India's Mughals. 

  • White Turquoise – looks outstanding in Southwest jewelry, but it’s  very soft according to turquoise experts at the Durango Silver Company.
  • White Coral – rare and beautiful vintage beads and branch jewelry pieces are still available. This material is a demure change of pace from a strand of pearls.
  • Moonstone – This gemstone is very opalescent and suitable for casual or business jewelry styles. It seems to enhance my skin tone whenever I wear it in a necklace.
  • White Chalcedony – appears very ethereal. 
  • Ivory - antique carved beads are occassionally available.  Just make sure that the bead or carving is antique for legal reasons-get a certificate. Ivory looks very classy hanging from a black cord.
These gemstones are not pure white. That’s a good thing because otherwise they’d look like white plastic in some cases.  Most are softly tinted with veins or shimmers of pastel or deeper colors making them good to accessorize many of my bare summer clothes.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Get A Real Golden Glow For Summer

Just a little touch of gold jewelry can create a very striking summer look. Think Jennifer Lopez. You can look drenched in sunlight wearing just one or 2 gold baubles along with the perfect summer hairdo and bare skin with a perfect skin tone.
Then you’ve got it: The “Golden Goddess” look for summer.

A lil’ bit of gold jewelry accentuates the ethereal look of sunlight captured on skin, especially under certain light conditions like at the beach and the indoor nightclubs.  The key is not to overdo the look by wearing too many gold pieces-too much is aging. 

Here’re the locations where the summer golden look is noticeably exotic-looking:
  • At the beach bar in a bikini
  • Lounging poolside in a little cover-up
  • Clubbing on the hottest night of the summer in a maxi dress that’s just “barely there”
  • Driving a convertible wearing a tube top
  • Date night with hubbie 

Get the Golden Goddess look wearing gold jewelry pieces like these --
  • Larger ball studs,
  • Long thin chandelier earrings or large thin hoops
  • A thin omega necklace, try it without a pendant
  • A delicate bangle plus
  •  A demure anklet

The jewelry’s color is key: High polished with a bright but bronzed gold color is probably better for the Golden Goddess look. Just don’t forget to wear a little gold sparkle in your waterproof makeup, too.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Father’s Gifts

YOU don’t have to give me any gifts” that’s what my Dad told me more than a couple times.
But he gave me incredible memories. He built battleships during WWII. He worked himself to death giving our family a comfortable life. He was on the picket lines for civil rights in America.  He campaigned for Nelson Mandela’s freedom before most Americans recognized the name.

 Once for Christmas, Dad gave me a chemistry set, another time a log cabin set. He never bought me dolls.
He went to John Wayne movies but supported full rights for Native Americans, especially after Wounded Knee.
Everywhere Dad went, we went too (except for work). He organized family reunions. He gave us the gift of his time.

I still have his retirement watch, cufflinks, and a tie tack. That’s all the jewelry he and other men from the “Greatest Generation” ever wore.
I still have his pocketknife too.  One of the ivory inlay pieces came off a few years back.  I started to glue it back on, but I put it in my Jewelrystash instead.

Yesterday for some reason I was thinking about ivory.  I even looked at a couple of antique pieces of ivory jewelry on the internet.

Then this morning, it hit me:  Make a pendant out of those ivory inlay pieces from Dad’s pocketknife-maybe to look like dog tags. Yeah... because my father gave me the  gift of a fighting spirit.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Serena Williams Wins 2013 French Open Title, Defeats Sharapova

Wearing a simple A-Line navy tennis dress, accessorized with a discreet gold “circle” pendant necklace, Serena Williams worked hard to beat Maria Sharapova to become the 2013 French Open Champion.  Here’s a video clip with Serena wearing the necklace.  

Her necklace is so demure it’s barely visible under her hair.

 Get This Jewelry Look!

Serena's circle necklace has a very high polish and may be 18K yellow gold. The necklace itself is almost a choker. The circle pendant is just the right size: not too large and not too small. Note that the gold necklace chain is very delicate.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Free The Artists In Chicago!

Here’s video of John Henry’s “Big Blue” sculpture in the yard of  a luxury Chicago home.

The homeowner, John Novak, is fighting City Hall to keep the art in his front yard. 

Let there be more sculpture pieces in out-of-the-way places, not just on the downtown museum campus (with its outrageous parking rates).   John Henry’s “Big Blue” sculpture is not a public nuisance. 

Here's evidence that Chicagoans need to demand more art:
  • Neighborhood art murals are "accidently" painted over-literally 'whited-out' frequently. 
  •  Art courses have been removed from Chicago's public schools.
  • Fine art painters are still fighting the city to paint, do their art, on public streets just like they do in Paris! 

Honestly, Chicago needs more art for everybody's sake.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Antique Timbuktu Books Saved During War

Mali's book lovers saved thousands of antique manuscripts from destruction by smuggling them out of Timbuktu with help from international NGOs according to a June 2013 BBC news report.  Here is the link to the BBC Report Timbuktu Books Saved.

Timbuktu’s libraries were purposely targeted for destruction, according to the BBC.
Timbuktu has been a center of African learning for centuries.

The “unfortunates” of every race, color, religion, political persuasion and ethnic group all hate books. Never forget that.  I’ll never forget  Ray Bradbury's book and movie Fahrenheit 451 about book burners.  Here's a clip:

Resistance is never futile.

Monday, June 3, 2013

How Pearls Make A Statement… Necklace!

Puka instead of a strand of pearls for summer?

Mae West never wore pearls.  No, pearls mean  June Cleaver types, corporate executives and royal jewelry style a la Elizabeth I’s masses of teardrop-shaped natural pearls.  Even Elizabeth II, our contemporary, wears pearl studs topped with tiny diamonds for a  casual, everyday jewelry style. 
But occasionally, someone comes along wearing pearls so dramatically different and looking so sexy.  Take Rihanna for instance! She looks so sexy in ropes of pearls just like Coco Chanel used to wear.

Pearls are June’s birthstone and they come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. 
But in the end, a strand of pearls is still a strand of pearls always an old stand-by for the wardrobe.
Frankly, they can be boring and occasionally too formal to wear, leaving me feeling like Jacqueline Kennedy instead of Marilyn Monroe.

Another jewelry look that’s incredibly sexy is a long strand worn backwards over a backless dress.

Saucer size shell statement necklace

That what I’ve always wanted from my June birthstone: dramatic, lush and sexy-looking.  So instead of a strand of pearls, I stretch out and wear the following summer jewelry styles for a casual look with just a hint of a pearl look:
  • A massive saucer size oyster shell jewelry design
  • Hawaiian puka shell anklet or necklace
  • Whimsical mother of pearl carved designs of flowers or animals 
    Carved mother of pearl birds
These are traditional, tribal jewelry designs, just right for summer jewelry statement necklaces to wear to the beach instead of the office.

Ancient Egyptians Made Meteorite Jewelry

Ancient Egyptians made beads from meteorites according to a research report in the May 2013 issue of  the scientific journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science.

Here is the scientific citation for the discovery:
 Johnson, D., Tyldesley, J., Lowe, T., Withers, P. J. and Grady, M. M. (2013), Analysis of a prehistoric Egyptian iron bead with implications for the use and perception of meteorite iron in ancient Egypt. Meteoritics & Planetary Science. doi: 10.1111/maps.12120

For more information and images of the ancient  Egyptian meteorite beads, here is the link to the research report on  Egyptian meteorite beads

Meteorite jewelry is still wildly popular today-4, 000 years later and is highly collectible. There's a large selection of rings and pendants made from meteorites for sale at online stores.