Monday, June 10, 2013

Serena Williams Wins 2013 French Open Title, Defeats Sharapova

Wearing a simple A-Line navy tennis dress, accessorized with a discreet gold “circle” pendant necklace, Serena Williams worked hard to beat Maria Sharapova to become the 2013 French Open Champion.  Here’s a video clip with Serena wearing the necklace.  

Her necklace is so demure it’s barely visible under her hair.

 Get This Jewelry Look!

Serena's circle necklace has a very high polish and may be 18K yellow gold. The necklace itself is almost a choker. The circle pendant is just the right size: not too large and not too small. Note that the gold necklace chain is very delicate.


  1. Where can I buy Serena's necklace?

  2. Serene's jewelry is no longer sold on the TV shopping network...but it should be easy to design this necklace yourself... then ask your jeweler to craft it.