Monday, June 24, 2013

Manly Taxco Silver Belt Buckles

Mexican Taxco Silver Belt Buckle For Men
Men and boys wearing sagging pants revealing dingy, grey and dirty underwear has got to be one the saddest “sign of the times” in the new millennium.  I figure that I could make a fortune selling Mexican Taxco silver belt buckles.

I just want to scream “Man-up, wear a belt” when I see these saggy guys strutting their fashion style on the street.

Mexican belt buckles have got to be just about the manliest mens jewelry there is.

Shopping For Taxco Belt Buckles

They’re widely sold on online and  at Mexican-American import stores.
Vintage Taxco sterling silver buckles start at about $75 and exceed $500 in some cases. 

Buckles signed by the silversmith can be extremely expensive but basic models sell for less than $50. Brass and alpaca belt buckles are even more inexpensive.

Representative Types Taxco Belt Buckle Styles

Whimiscal eagle belt buckle with onyx inlay
  • Whimsical with animals like horses, eagles, steers and armadillos rendered in 3D
  • Inlay turquoise, malachite, or onyx styles
  • Scorpions preserved in resin
  • Concho Southwestern or Navajo  jewelry styles
  • Modernistic Art Deco styles that are reminiscent of car grills

Belt Buckle Fashion Statements

Most Mexican-style silver belt buckles are casual fashion looks. But they  serve the basic function of keeping boys and mens underwear undercover.

The “car grill” Taxco modernistic buckle styles would definitely be for the 'suit and tie' man who’s not into wearing jeans everyday.

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