Monday, June 3, 2013

How Pearls Make A Statement… Necklace!

Puka instead of a strand of pearls for summer?

Mae West never wore pearls.  No, pearls mean  June Cleaver types, corporate executives and royal jewelry style a la Elizabeth I’s masses of teardrop-shaped natural pearls.  Even Elizabeth II, our contemporary, wears pearl studs topped with tiny diamonds for a  casual, everyday jewelry style. 
But occasionally, someone comes along wearing pearls so dramatically different and looking so sexy.  Take Rihanna for instance! She looks so sexy in ropes of pearls just like Coco Chanel used to wear.

Pearls are June’s birthstone and they come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. 
But in the end, a strand of pearls is still a strand of pearls always an old stand-by for the wardrobe.
Frankly, they can be boring and occasionally too formal to wear, leaving me feeling like Jacqueline Kennedy instead of Marilyn Monroe.

Another jewelry look that’s incredibly sexy is a long strand worn backwards over a backless dress.

Saucer size shell statement necklace

That what I’ve always wanted from my June birthstone: dramatic, lush and sexy-looking.  So instead of a strand of pearls, I stretch out and wear the following summer jewelry styles for a casual look with just a hint of a pearl look:
  • A massive saucer size oyster shell jewelry design
  • Hawaiian puka shell anklet or necklace
  • Whimsical mother of pearl carved designs of flowers or animals 
    Carved mother of pearl birds
These are traditional, tribal jewelry designs, just right for summer jewelry statement necklaces to wear to the beach instead of the office.

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  1. Love the detail. Where would I find one like it?