Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer White Jewelry Style

Pale Jade's A Cooler Look For Summer

Look unfazed by the heat on a hot summer day by wearing jewelry made with these white or lite-colored gemstones and materials:

  • White Jade – this inexpensive opaque gemstone looks especially chic in bangle bracelets.  Or try the translucent very pale grey jadeite  expensive variety so beloved by India's Mughals. 

  • White Turquoise – looks outstanding in Southwest jewelry, but it’s  very soft according to turquoise experts at the Durango Silver Company.
  • White Coral – rare and beautiful vintage beads and branch jewelry pieces are still available. This material is a demure change of pace from a strand of pearls.
  • Moonstone – This gemstone is very opalescent and suitable for casual or business jewelry styles. It seems to enhance my skin tone whenever I wear it in a necklace.
  • White Chalcedony – appears very ethereal. 
  • Ivory - antique carved beads are occassionally available.  Just make sure that the bead or carving is antique for legal reasons-get a certificate. Ivory looks very classy hanging from a black cord.
These gemstones are not pure white. That’s a good thing because otherwise they’d look like white plastic in some cases.  Most are softly tinted with veins or shimmers of pastel or deeper colors making them good to accessorize many of my bare summer clothes.

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