Thursday, June 27, 2013

Amazing 3D Printed Jewelry

The future of jewelry design and manufacturing is here NOW and it's in 3D. Take a look at  this video of how one jewelry artisan, Melissa Borrell creates stunning jewelry designs with revolutionary 3D printer technology.

Ms. Borrell's 3 dimensional jewelry designs are incredible. The 3D jewelry has a cubist look.

A 3D Printer Technology Primer

The new technology of 3D printing takes computer aided design (CAD) a step further into what is termed "additive manufacturing".  This video from Sciaky explains the process better than I can.

3D printer technology reminds me of the "replicator" from TV's Star Trek The Next Generation.

No doubt 3D printed art jewelry   and other manufactured objects will be sold in stores everywhere and online soon for everyone to enjoy.

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