Friday, March 1, 2013

Seeking the “Aqua” in March’s Birthstone

Aquamarine crystal with the best color
Aquamarine gemstone with superb color

I am still seeking an aquamarine gemstone the color of the deep blue sea on a sunny day.  I once spied one in a cocktail ring owned by a friend and ever since, I have sought a small beautiful blue aquamarine.  Its not  my birthstone because I wasn’t  born in March but I love the calming blue color.
Aquamarine is a gemstone from the beryl family of gems, which also includes emeralds. Large aquamarines are far less expensive than comparable emeralds but most are pale-colored. 
The paler blue aquamarine gemstones are also much more available than the more valuable deep blue varieties.
To me the pale stones look lifeless. It’s as if the life was irradiated out of them.

Vintage aquamarine 3 stone pendant
Vintage Aquamarine Pendant

My plan of action to find blue sea colored aquamarine jewelry will be to occasionally check pawn shops for availability. I certainly won’t be purchasing any online unless it comes with a certificate documenting the color tint.

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