Monday, March 4, 2013

3D Flower Power Enamel Jewelry

Colorful flower manicure
Spring is right around the corner, remember to think Flower Power

 Last summer I had to do the unthinkable because of the drought in Chicago:  I put silk flowers in the pots on the front porch.  Between the heat with no rain and a family medical emergency, there was no way I could keep-up with watering flower pots.  But recently, I saw a magnificent enamel flower statement necklace for sale.

So now I’ve got spring flowers on my brain even though we’re expecting a major snow storm tomorrow.
 The bulbs and perennials came back last year despite the drought. This year, I think that I will invest in some of those flower seed pads, especially the ones that feature drought resistant floral displays.
Until then, I might pick-up that enamel flower necklace I saw for sale.

Enamel fine jewelry Daisy ring
Gold and diamond white enameled Daisy ring

Enamel jewelry truly showcases the vibrant colors and shapes of flower petals in 3D more than any other jewelry style.  The flowers are highly realistic whether paint is  enameled on fashion jewelry, Chinese cloisonne or fine gold jewelry.

Cloisonne fashion ring
Enameled fashion jewelry ring
Enamel fashion jewelry is making a slow comeback because of the increased cost of gold.  I have recently seen more enamel items for sale in major jewelry outlets, including whimsical jewelry for sale online.

Vintage enamel lily pin or pendant
Vintage enamel pendant/brooch Lily
 The best place, however, to find enamel fashion jewelry might be your local vintage clothing store because flowers never go out of style.  And, if you still can't smell the flowers, take a look at this:

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