Monday, February 25, 2013

Understated Jewelry Looks Top Style On The Oscars 2013 Red Carpet

Charlize Theron symbolized the understated luxury jewelry styles worn on the Oscars 2013 Red Carpet:  The actress wore unassuming but large Harry Winston diamond stud earrings and multiple diamond bracelets on both arms, Wonder Woman style.

The luxury jewels magnificently showcased her white Dior strapless gown featuring a peplum embellished with crystals.  She didn’t wear a diamond necklace.

Understated and subdued luxury jewelry looks were the predominant jewelry style worn by most Oscar nominees and presenters walking the Red Carpet. Fantasy diamond jewelry and colored gemstone jewels were rare.

 The actresses'  evening gowns were the focus not the luxury jewels this year. Hollywood jewelry styles for the Oscar Red Carpet in 2013 seemed to be on minimalist side.

Jennifer Lawrence wore a waist-length diamond necklace switched around to her back to accentuate her strapless Dior white satin embossed gown.

Halle Berry eschewed diamonds altogether and wore simple Onyx teardrop earrings to accessorize her Versace Art Deco style black and silver, sequin stripe, gown.

Kerry Washington was sparkling in a Miu Miu gown with a heavily bejeweled and sequined bodice and red satin skirt. I didn’t see any visible earrings on the E! Channel broadcast but she wore a huge Fred Leighton diamond statement ring.

Sally Fields was the other lady in red, wearing a chiffon ballgown.  She wore simple drop solitaire earrings and carried an evening clutch embellished with huge crystals.

Little 9 year old Quenzhane Wallis walked the Red Carpet in an Elizabethan style ocean blue gown with a straight empire neckline and huge puffy sleeves.

Wallis' hair was adorned with a crystal studded headband. The nominee for the ‘Best Actress’ Oscar also carried a whimsical puppy purse.  Queen Elizabeth I also carried a little puppy when strolling…a live one …snuggled into the huge sleeves of her gown.

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