Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Break Top Fashion Jewelry Looks

Males in swim trunks on Spring Break
Good looking guys looking for good looking girls?

Will your jewelry get “borrowed” or outright stolen while you’re partying during Spring Break?  Don’t let that happen to your cherished family heirloom jewelry or other expensive treasures.  Leave the important jewelry at home when you head off to party in Daytona, Cabo San Lucas, South Padre Island, Bahamas, Miami or wherever.

Instead make a mad dash to the mall and ‘shop til you drop’ at the “tween” fashion jewelry store.  Look for these flirty junk jewelry looks for wearing with your bikini on the beach:
  • Hawaiian Puka shell jewelry
  • Faux gold neck chain with chunky links
  • Faux gold anklet
    Chunky carved wood bangles
    Chunky Wood Bangles
  • Turquoise jewelry
  • Colorful, waterproof sports watch with a plastic watch strap
  • Mother of Pearl
  • Clam shell designs
  • Wood bangles
  • Beads and other plastic baubles in sand or blue water color tones

If you party in a foreign city, you don’t want to have to explain to a non-English speaking police officer that ‘grandma’s necklace is missing’.
You don’t want to miss your flight back trying to find the Swiss watch that Mom and Dad gave you for your birthday.
Your important jewelry is worth safeguarding, so leave your valuables at home. You can look hot, flirty and fun wearing fashion jewelry while you party hearty on Spring Break.

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