Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Google, The Jewelry Designer

 Google is in the process of designing a security device to replace written passwords for authenticating user access to computer devices according to MIT Technology Review.  Rings and other  jewelry designs are being experimented with to hold security information.

Wearing a Security Device??

To me this is almost akin to using a  key fob for accessing an automobile. Auto key fobs utilize  radio waves, however.

Who would want to wear a security device all the time?  Having a security device on your keychain or in your purse is one thing.  Wearing a security device is quite another.

Diamond Laser Inscribed Messages

Of course, if the authentication data is lasered unto a 1 carat diamond set in platinum, Google's idea would be an instant hot hit.  The lasered security data in the diamond could be read by a camera or other optical device on the computer device.

Here's a YouTube video that demonstrates how diamond laser inscription technology works:

For more information on Google's experiments with jewelry or other new security devices, here's the link to the article in MIT Technology Review article.

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