Monday, February 11, 2013

Grammys 2013 Red Carpet Jewelry Review – Kelly Rowland, Carrie Underwood

Kelly Rowland arrived on the Red Carpet for the 2013 Grammy awards wearing huge emerald rings designed by luxury jeweler Lorraine Schwartz.
Kelly, best known for singing with  Beyoncé in the girl group Destiny’s Child, also sported emerald and onyx Art Deco style earrings together with a marble size emerald solitaire ring on one hand and a 3 stone emerald ring on the other hand. 
Kelly wore a very classy black gown designed with cut-outs which begged the question “Is she or is she not?” wearing underwear. The gown, the humungous emerald rings and Art Deco emerald earrings created the vision of  a polished  “Old Hollywood” glamour look.
The black gown was the perfect backdrop for the green emerald rings when Kelly stepped to the mike to present a grammy award.

Kelly gently folded her hands for all to see the stunning gems. From all appearances they seemed to be the color of top quality Colombian emeralds.

But the gems also had the ethereal internal glow of Zambian emeralds. This glow was very visible on the broadcast.
Other notable jewelry looks on the Red Carpet at the 2013 Grammys included Adele and Janelle Monae both of whom rocked vintage 1960s style earrings.
 Adele wore ruby and diamond cluster earrings, while Janelle sported vintage-looking diamond earrings in a pincushion setting.
Carrie Underwood wore the most costly luxury jewelry: A 381 carat diamond and platinum collar necklace.  Numerous news reports put the price tag for the necklace at about $31 million.
Comedian Al Walser sported the most unusual gold accessory:  His helmet. The helmet was the accessory for his spacesuit attire. Yes, that's spacesuit as in outer space.
I couldn’t tell if Walser was clad in authentic NASA gear on the the E! Channel’s broadcast of the Red Carpet event. (Note: You can buy supposedly authentic used NASA gear online.)
 But on a real astronaut's helmet, a thin film layer of gold is used on the visor to reflect solar radiation in outer space. Read more about this:  Here's the link to NASA’s Page on Gold Coatings.

Nasa Spacesuit and Helmet
Real NASA Astronaut Ed White, not Al Walser, during the 1st American Space Walk: Photo-NASA

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