Thursday, February 21, 2013

Look South For African Design Inspiration In Jewelry and Other Arts

South African Bashuthu home design
Basotho or Bashuthu exterior paint design

 Whether you create bead jewelry, knit sweaters or paint fine art, South African designs offer a wealth of inspiration. The designs convey sensations of  movement, harmony and energy: All at the same time in living color!

Kruggerand coin design
South African Gold Kruggerand Coin

Notice that the antelope or kruggerand is in motion, not static.

Ndebele multi-color home color design
Ndebele home exterior painted design

The black and white borders in colorful Ndebele home designs are a quick intarsia knit sweater project.

South African Bashuthu home color design
Another Basotho home color design

There's great color harmony in this Lestho design from South Africa! I think that the window looks like a faceted gemstone.

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