Monday, February 11, 2013

Shahs of Sunset Season 2 Finale – Gold Highlights

A raucous food fight was the closing scene in The Shahs of Sunset’s 2nd season finale on Bravo. Asa, the “Persian Pop Princess”, put on chic ethnic Persian jewelry to perform her “Persia Palooza” dance and song act.
In her trailer afterwards, the cast congratulated her for keeping Persian culture alive with her performance art.
GG was missing in action-partying elsewhere. But at the theatre, the rest of the group trashed Asa’s trailer.

Gold Jewelry Highlights In The Finale

  • Asa had on a gold and amber bodice/body chain, plus a gold headband and a gold bracelet-ring “thingie” for her performance in Persian Palooza,
  • Asa also wore a gold pendant that featured a rare Persian turquoise focal bead,
  • MG sported a couture designer gold bowtie choker,
  • Lilly, the Persian Barbie, wore a gold Egyptian style collar necklace with dangling amethyst pencil point crystal beads,
    Amethyst, Pencil Point Crystals, February's Birthstone
    Amethyst Pencil Point Crystal Beads
  • GG didn’t change-she was still wearing her gold medallion statement necklace.

Iranian Revolution

There was a vaguely serious discussion of what the1979 Iranian Revolution meant to the lives of Iranian women.
Asa first  appeared onstage in a black jibab which she quickly removed.  Underneath she had on antique Persian jewelry, a gold and black polka dot spandex pant outfit, all accessorized with Nike high top athletic shoes!

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