Monday, October 7, 2013

Serena Williams Is The 2013 China Open Champion

Can you guess what's missing after viewing this YouTube clip of the 2013 China Open Final match?  Serena Williams defeated Jelena Jankovic 6-2, 6-2, to win the ladies final of the China Open in Beijing, China on October 6. 
Read on to discover the answer to what's missing from the match!
The answer is at the 8 second mark of the video clip:  Serena wore no visible jewelry during the match and throughout the tournament:  No dangling earrings; no gold heart necklace; no big watch –  none, nada, nothing.

A Different Tennis Style

Even Serena’s tennis dress was very a subdued tone: Shades of gray with only a pop of yellow color in the back.  Her headband was a pastel peach and her hair was tinted a dark brown instead of the more exuberant auburn color.

Her nails were a pale moonlight polish color (Serena is a certified nail tech) and her lipstick was a neutral pink-red- the nebulous mauve. She wore black and white tennis shoes, a switch from the pink she frequently wears.

Is This The New Serena?

What gives?!!! I don’t know….

I speculate that Serena Williams’ subdued styling for the 2013 Beijing China Open was a nod to conservative Chinese culture. Frankly, Serena never looked more beautiful and powerful.

But the more extroverted makeup, clothing and jewelry styling has been a winning look for Serena in more ways than one:  According to Tennis Channel Serena has won $10 million in prize money for 2013 and $51 million throughout her entire career!

Then again, nothing says “conservative” like minimal jewelry style for times when you know that a particular opponent will never, ever be distracted by prominent, flashy displays of jewelry, gold or gemstones.

You know the types: The individuals that can only be overcome by power and strategy-because they won’t be admiring your shoulder duster earrings or couture designer necklace.

Minimal Jewelry Style Looks

Wearing just one of these minimal jewelry looks will transmit a contrary message of power:

· Very small, eye clean white diamond stud earrings about .2 carat with maximum facets

· Swiss diamond watch with a stainless steel bracelet

· Wedding band or ring

· Small 18K gold ball earrings

· Sapphire gemstone stud earrings in a blue or black color

We can all learn a lot from Serena Williams’ winning jewelry style at the 2013 China Open. Nothing says “Winner” like ‘Pretty Powerful’.

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