Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Jewelry Styles... On The Cheap

Halloween Black Widoe Spider Costume
A costume that takes a bite out of your wallet too

Here’s the true story behind why I stopped putting-out my spider themed Halloween display and stopped wearing spider jewelry for Halloween:

I caught a febrile case of arachnophobia a few springs ago while weeding a rosebush only to be stopped cold by the venom yellow eyes of a spider staring me down.   I immediately stopped weeding.

And I didn’t garden anymore that year because I was scared to death that I might have a run-in with the yellow-eyed spider.

I Got Sasquatch (Earrings) For Halloween

That’s when I started setting-up my Bigfoot Sasquatch Halloween display. Mind you I started my Bigfoot Halloween theme display long before the TV show “Finding Bigfoot” was broadcast.

I admit my Bigfoot display is just half-ass…I only have a couple of signs and sound effects.  Oddly, the sound effects don’t scare little kids but the accompanying adults seem genuinely terrified.

I do wear my Bigfoot earrings, however: Whimsical Taxco Mexican Silver big feet with green malachite inlay (vintage screwbacks).  Unfortunately, I paid too much for them.  But I had to satiate my Sasquatch obsession.

I wouldn’t recommend doing that.

Collectible Fright Night Jewelry

Of course, if you COLLECT whimsically  themed scary jewelry then price might not be the only factor you consider:  Collectability, of course, is the primary factor.

Otherwise junk jewelry is probably the best option for Fright Night. You probably already know the Halloween jewelry standards:
  • Light-up jewelry is very effectively dramatic
  • Skulls, other bones or skeletons

  • Gothic and vampire “dark” jewelry

  • Realistic whimsical Insect jewelry… rings are especially creepy

  • Big, oversized styles to catch the kids’ eyes, like crowns

Best Place To Find EERIE Jewelry

Plastic Halloween themed jewelry from the corner drugstore will do just fine and save big bucks for a once yearly event.  It's a cheap fix.  The costume jewelry at Halloween stores costs way more than treasure at drugstores.

Come on!  How much money do you really want to spend on Halloween jewelry to scare a bunch of little kids?



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