Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Get Better Hair With October’s Birthstone

Beautiful, Young, Lush Hair Deserves Tourmaline

One of the scientifically proven powers of tourmaline is that it eliminates ‘bad hair’ days. Yes siree!  Tourmaline is a birthstone for October, along with Opal and Coral, but it's not just for rings and pendants.   I’ve conducted my own experiments and there’s no doubt about it: Tourmaline will give you the look of hair from your youth.

It works! It really works!!

How Tourmaline Makes Hair Styling Easier

In a nutshell, tourmaline is slightly radioactive and emits negative ions, the very particles that enable air cleaners to freshen indoor air. Those very same ions smooth the cuticle of hair strands making it easier for me to detangle and style my hair.

Black Tourmaline - also purported to negate EMF
So in my case, using hair styling tools made with tourmaline features, is the difference between hair that’s  like an uncombable brillo pad after hair drying OR smooth hair that’s very easy to style.

Tourmaline’s ions have made world of difference in my hair care rituals.

I now only use  blow dryers designed to emit negative ions from built-in tourmaline crystals - I also own hair combs made entirely of crushed tourmaline gemstones.

These combs also give my hair a glossy sheen that’s comparable to a light spritz of silicone hair products.

Tourmaline Gemstone Colors

Tourmaline, technically boron silicate, naturally occurs in a wide spectrum of gemstone colors.  My favorites  for jewelry, especially rings, are the ‘eye candy’ bubble gum pink and the very happy watermelon tourmaline varieties.

Tourmaline also commonly occurs in Pink

Opal and Coral Birthstone Updates

Ethiopian Opal is a comparatively inexpensive gemstone that has become more available on the market in the last 5 years.  As with any gemstone’s that from a remote part of the world, on the periphery of conflict, mined with hand tools and cheap:  Buy it while you can!

Lanvin, the French design house, featured red coral couture designer jewelry in a recent spring collection.  Lanvin’s fresh, new jewelry designs are very organic looking, very art nouveau.

 October’s birthstones deserve fresh new looks:   Tourmaline because of its alternative use in hair tools, the new source of opal from Ethiopia, and updated red coral couture jewelry designs.


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