Monday, April 1, 2013

What's The True Color Of That Black Diamond?

Focal Black Diamond in necklace

My friend Don offered me the prettiest stone I had ever seen.  My eyes bulged as the stone glowed and sparkled in the sunlight.  But alas, Don and I weren’t like “that”. I couldn’t accept his gift.
I told him that the rock looked better on the dashboard of his truck.

Meteorite Diamonds

That black rock was a meteorite that Don had picked-up one day while fishing at a lake in Chicago’s western suburbs.  A meteor fell there a few years back and Don had found a piece.
He thought that it was just a pretty rock, which it was, but I noticed that it was actually a meteorite by its shape and surface texture.  The gray-brown-black colored meteorite appeared to be covered with thousands of microscopic diamonds.
Too bad the diamonds weren’t bigger but they are still true carbonados:  Black diamonds from a meteorite…from the sky.
Small meteorites
Small Meteorites

Carbonado Black Diamond Engagement Rings

If you will be giving or receiving a black diamond in an engagement ring, you want a black Carbonado.  Carbonado diamonds are true black diamonds. They are somewhat rarer and moderately more expensive but they are not dyed black diamonds.
Gem quality Carbonado black diamonds only come from a meteorite that fell in Brazil and Western Africa millions of years ago before Africa and South America were separated by the Atlantic ocean.
Carbonado diamonds have very different properties from diamonds mined in other parts of the globe.  They ARE NOT DYED black diamonds.

Avoid Dyed Black Diamonds

Yeah, most black diamonds sold today are dyed gray diamonds. Why pay the extra money, unless you just have to have that piece of jewelry featuring dyed black accent diamonds.

Black diamonds with few facets
Small Black Diamonds

Buy A Certified Diamond

If you are planning to buy an expensive black diamond engagement ring, make sure that the diamond certificate states that the diamond is a Carbonado. Make sure the stone has a high number of facet cuts. The mine source would be Brazil or the Central African Republic.
Also, only buy your jewelry gift from a trusted jeweler. This way you will know that the diamond gift is  a Carbonado and NOT A DYED STONE.

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