Monday, April 1, 2013

Crystal Memories

Cracked and rutilated rock crystal ball

One of my favorite jewelry memories are the small round cracked crystal balls that my mother kept in her jewelry box. I recall playing dress-up with the quartz balls and gazing into the crystal as a child. 
Cracked rock crystal is infinitely more dazzling to gaze at than polished cut crystal. I think that the cracked and rutilated features create a subtly visible internal light play that attracts the human eye.

Cut and Polished Crystal

 It’s true that polished cut rock crystal makes a magnificent light display when part of a chandelier or when made into candlesticks. I also played with the clear cut crystal talons on Mom's bedside lamps imagining them as earrings.

Healing Crystals

But cracked rock crystal is much more mesmerizing to me.
To this day, I keep one of my mother’s crystal balls on my desk in order to refresh my eyes after hours of gazing at my computer screen. I guess that would make the balls truly healing crystals.

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