Thursday, April 11, 2013

Diamonds From India With Oomph On The Side

Diamond and Onyx Ring with Pave Diamonds on Side Shanks

I just love rings and earrings made in India that have that little 3D vibe going on with embellished side shanks.  Bejeweled artistry on  shank designs can make a unique statement that clearly stands above jewelry made anywhere else. 

Rings with highly embellished shanks are easy to spot in jewelry displays and are worth seeking out for a diamond engagement ring gift.

Dazzling shank designs from India often include:
  • Filigree swirls
  • More diamonds
  • Hearts 

 Of course, a more lavish use of  gold or platinum precious metal is needed for the unique shank cultural designs.

An opulent diamond ring from India can have the look of  a piece of jewelry owned by a maharajah. Well, almost.

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