Thursday, April 18, 2013

5 Swiss Watch Gift Tips For Mothers Day This Year

Moderately priced timepieces for professionals

Here's my tip sheet for  moderately priced women's Swiss watches.  Any of these watches will make a great gift for your Mom for Mothers Day this year:
  1. Swatch Watch – This is the best bet if your Mom has a somewhat quirky personality:  There’s sure to be a matching Swatch style.  Swatch watches feature hot colorful designs, trendy materials and a variety of timepiece functions. Most models are flashy. Some are highly collectible, too! Swatches are priced to sell and start at $50. Beware!  You will reveal some of your own personality if you gift a Swatch. They're available at online stores.
  2. Victorinox Swiss Army - This is a brand with classic Swiss styling that's priced in the $400 range. These watches feature a variety of dial colors. They're  sporty-looking timepieces good for night-time use and diving. This watch would also be very useful to a Mom who is a nurse or doctor. They're available online and in catalogs.
  3. Wittenauer – Here's more classic Swiss watch styling with a serious business look, some with embellished gemstone dials.  Many Wittanauer watches are available for less than $200. They're available online.
  4. Burberry – Burberry watches are my top fashion pick.  Watches from this design house feature the absolute hottest jewelry styles.  They’re great for the Mom who is a serious fashionista. Prices for Burberry watch models start at about $180.  Burberry is available at fine department stores and online.
  5. Omega – Ok this is a luxury watch brand with most models selling for $10,000 or more.  But Omega also sells some beautiful timepiece models for about $2,000.  Omega designs feature serious watch styling for  serious women.  Omega is available at Omega Watch stores and fine jewelers. Omega does not authorize any online sales of their products. But Note: These same watchmakers also make the flashy Swatch brand mentioned above!

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