Monday, April 8, 2013

Mrs. Eastwood and Co. Missing From E! In 2013

I was sooo… looking forward to a 2nd season of the Eastwood clan’s adventures in Realityland. But in early January, youngest daughter Morgan Eastwood reported on Tumbler that the family had decided against doing a 2nd season. 

I think that this was foreshadowed by Dina’s decision in one episode from last year, to relinquish management of Overtone, the boy singing group.

Mom Dina Eastwood has not tweeted since November 2012.

I’m going miss Dina Eastwood’s classy eclectic Native American jewelry style. Her style was truly unique on TV and very “Real World”.

 Mrs. Eastwood and Company was a thought-provoking class act about common issues facing modern families. Too bad it won’t be back but “Family 1st”.

Well I guess it’s back to donkeys and bad plastic surgery.

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