Monday, June 25, 2012


In this week’s episode Overtone masked behind-the-scene woes with smooth Zulu singing and synchronized stepping dances at a concert performance. Dina dressed-up with layered gold jewelry for the concert despite the woes with Overtone and her daughter's boyfriend.
Overtone singer Eddie slashed at his wrists.
Francesca Eastwood’s boyfriend Tyler divulged that he “…didn’t go to high school.”


At the concert, Dina appeared to be wearing shoulder-duster gold fringe earrings.
She also donned a wide, waist length woven gold bead necklace reminiscent of beaded belt jewelry made by South African women. This was layered with a smaller pendant on a gold chain.


In another scene, at dinner Dina got emotional support from her brother Dominic. Dina wore large silver hoop earrings along with a long silver ring on her forefinger.
He had stepped-in to mediate heightening tensions between Dina and Tyler. Dominic stepped into the conflict after Dina attempted communicating with text messages to teenager Francesca about her boyfriend’s behavior.
Dina was sans jewelry when she, Dominic, Francesca and Tyler all met together at the beach to resolve their differences.  Apologies flowed freely.
Francesca Eastwood seemed emotionally overwhelmed throughout the "Mrs. Eastwood Doubts Tyler" episode and she didn’t wear any new visible jewelry.
Daughter Morgan Eastwood wore a necklace with small whimsical figures as she listened and observed the scenes.


In one narration spot, Dina appeared demure in thin but long silver hoops and a small pendant hung on red silk cord. Another spot featured Dina wearing Peruvian style earrings: long and wide crescent shaped silver stampato with orange coral bead drops.
Dina Eastwood wears distinctive fine jewelry and a wide range of  artisan crafted earrings, pendants and bracelets.
Native American Zuni jewelry artisan Colin Coonis has designed and handcrafted jewelry for Dina Eastwood according to numerous news reports.


Later in the episode, after Overtone’s Eddie slashed at his wrists, Dina herself stepped in to get psychological help for Eddie. He has been in emotional distress throughout the series.
Interestingly, at the psychologist’s office, Eddie wore a carved jade Maori koru pendant which symbolizes positive personal growth.
Dina appeared cheerful in a bright saffron yellow top with Eddie at the doctor’s office. She accessorized the sunny top with southwestern style jewelry including small inlayed turquoise earrings and a blue lapis or sodalite bead bracelet layered with a leather bracelet holding a large turquoise cabochon.

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