Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Solid perfumes in jeweled compacts are the perfect “underwhelming” fragrance choice for me in the summertime.
I sparingly apply a speck of solid perfume, then re-apply a little more as needed so that I never risk an over-applied scent overheating the noses around me. 
Here are some solid fragrances for you to consider...

Contemporary Solid Fragrances:

Beyonce Heat
Mark Jacob Daisy
Vera Wang

Collectible Classic Solid Perfumes

Joy by Jean Patou
Estee Lauder Perfumes
Avon Rose
24 Faubourg by Hermes

Fabulously Exotic Perfume

Mukhalat Malaki by Swiss Arabian Perfumes

Solid perfumes are easy to carry, easy on the eyes and generally, a little easier on the nose.
Bejeweled cases are pretty on top of my dresser.  I like the luxe, sumptuous feeling I get when I glance at an ornate solid perfume compact inside of my crystal beaded evening bag.
Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

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