Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tips To Accessorize Teenager Assets For Your Prom

Smiling Prom Couple

No matter what jewelry style you choose to accessorize your Prom gown, make sure that you also accessorize your best teenager charms:

  1. Your Young Age  – your teenager jewelry style should shout or whisper ‘I am young’.
  2.  Flawless Skin – fewer baubles means more skin is the focus. You may actually look better in a strapless gown without a necklace.
  3.  A Slender Neck – A choker necklace or shoulder duster earrings are the best bets to showcase a graceful neck.
  4. Delicate Wrists – Rows of crystal bracelets add pops of flash and color on the arm opposite from the one with the wrist corsage.
  5. Youthful Figure – Use a crystal waist pin if you feel you need some jewelry but your choice of gown is really the best way to showcase a young body.
  6. Healthy Shiny Hair – a spray of fresh colorful flowers is always glamorously youthful. Of course, if you are going to be the prom queen, leave your hair unadorned so there will be headroom for the crystal tiara.

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