Monday, May 13, 2013

Neck Wires Give Pendants Dramatic Attention!

Floral pendant on neck collar
Get more attention wearing a neck collar and pendant

Silver neck wires and collars are sometimes the best way to showcase scene-stealing pendants. Art jewelry pendants, wire wrapped beads or large pendants many times look much better hanging on a neck wire instead of a chain or leather cord.

Tips for Wearing Neck Wires

No matter the neckline of the dress or top you wear, neck wires keep the pendant hanging close to the collar bone or at bottom of your neck. Longer pendants especially look better with the wires.

Wire wrapped agate bead pendant on V shaped neck wire
"V" shaped Neck wire

Multiple crystal bead pendants on silver neck wire with spacers
Egyptian style crystal bead design on neck wire

A case in-point would be larger Mexican Taxco sterling silver pendants that are floral or whimsical jewelry designs. Silver chains just don’t seem to flow with these designs.

Sometimes you can get away with using a black cord but neck wires and collars look  and feel much better 

Neck Wire Designs

Many neck wires can be worn closed at the back of the neck, but some are designed to left open and hanging on the neck.  Also, many neck wires and collars are artfully designed to worn by themselves as jewelry, without a pendant.

And it turns out that the best style selections of neck wires that I’ve seen are often sold along side Taxco silver jewelry. 

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