Monday, May 6, 2013

Newer Rules For Buying Gold Jewelry

The gold spot price is close to a 1 year low (as of May 5, 2013) but gold jewelry is not necessarily  more affordable NOW then it was a year ago. 

Nowadays I put some real thought and time into purchasing any gold jewelry that twinkles for my eyes only.
  • I only buy what I love – Frankly, buying gold jewelry now requires a major outlay of cash.  Don’t allow a persuasive jeweler to push a glitzy bauble on you when you’re only feeling lukewarm about wearing it.  
  • I never forget about  junk fashion jewelry-which is usually  hot, new, trendy and  okay to get tired of  wearing after a month.

  • I buy just what I can afford – there is nothing wrong with small gold stud earrings and thin stack rings. Small gold jewelry items are ALWAYS fashionable.

  • I try to discern what I’m buying – Find out if that piece of gold jewelry is solid, an electroform design, gold over silver or gold over resin. I especially try to learn more when I see a trendy trinket with a 'big gold' look.

If that bright yellow sunny color makes you very happy and you need a new fix, it makes some sense to occasionally save money for a small gold coin instead of ONLY buying gold jewelry.

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