Thursday, May 23, 2013

Safeguard Your Wedding Gown’s Bling and Glitz

Tambour beading on a wedding gown
A Gown's Sequin Detail

Make sure that your bridal gown remains as lovely as you remember on your wedding day.  Sequin and bead embroidery with the French tambour beading technique is a worthy investment for any wedding gown.

Why Couture Beading Is Better

Beads and sequins that are embroidered with a special needle in the tambour technique have a longer life than glitz applied with hot glue or heat transfer. Take this into consideration while shopping for your gown.

Wedding gown tambour beading
Beaded  Applique Pieces

Tambour beading is an old technique that is still used in many couture Chanel garments. I understand that 75 year old women living in the French countryside use tambour embroidery to make Chanel’s designs.
Sequins, beads and crystals applied with glue or heat can rub-off much too easily.
I recently purchased a casual top with a crystal design.  Some of the crystals came-off when I removed the size tag taped on the front of the garment.  It was a gift for someone very special and I was so disappointed that some of the crystals came-off before I could present the gift.

Special Dresses Deserve Special Embroidery

Robert Haven is a specialist in theatre costumes and a professor at the University Kentucky.  He loves tambour. He demonstrates the tambour technique on this video:

Embroidery with the tambour beading technique can help make sure that your wedding gown remains your treasured keepsake with no missing bling.

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