Thursday, January 17, 2013


Jada Pinkett Smith wearing a 3Strand bracelet to support legislation that fights sex slavery
Jada Smith and her "3Strands" bracelet,  photo: 3Strands
Somewhere very near to your home, there might be a women being held as a sexual slave.   3Strands Global, a new fashion brand, is committed to stopping this cruelty with handmade bracelets of all things.
The bracelets are made by young women in Cambodia who have been rescued from a life of sexual slavery. These women now have education, counseling, vocational training and health care in missions supported in part by 3Strands Global. The rescued women make the bracelets as part of the healing process and their vocation training.

Sadly, slavery still exists and human trafficking is occurring in small towns and mega cities worldwide.
January is “Human Trafficking Awareness Month” and 3Strands Global is donating 100% of its profits this month to the Cambodian mission.  If you would like to help women who have escaped a life of sexual slavery by buying a bracelet, contact 3Strands Global at

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