Thursday, January 10, 2013


Gold miner with extraordinary sized gold nugget
Gold miner and 1 in a billion size gold nugget


Flashy mens gold nugget style jewelry seems to have gone into hiding because of the high spot price for gold.  I rarely see gold nugget jewelry for sale anymore. Instead, there is a preponderance of  gold vermeil or gold-filled baubles  for sale which are crafted more artfully than ever.
You many not see gold nugget styles on display at your jewelry store. 

Here’s where to find nugget jewelry:

  • Ask your jeweler if they have any gold nugget jewelry in stock, either designed with actual nuggets or the look of gold nuggets.
  • A reputable jeweler will be able to order authentic gold nugget jewelry for you, that's been tested for the gold content and gram weight.
  • Check the websites of online jewelers who specialize in nugget jewelry styles like tie tacs and cuff links.
  • Look at the vintage jewelry styles at your local pawn broker.
  • Have gold nugget jewelry personally designed for you by an artisan jeweler.

Gold Nugget Jewelry Style

Gold nugget bracelet
Mens gold nugget style bracelet
 Gold nugget jewelry bespeaks masculinity to me. 

Mens' ring and bracelet designs with gold nuggets can bespeak Alaskan “Gold Rush” ruggedness, seem as Western as cowboy boots, look as high-rolling as Las Vegas or as gaudy as the local pimp.

Whatever your personal jewelry style, there’s gold nugget jewelry for sale to complement your look.  Earrings and pendants for women are also available.

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