Monday, October 22, 2012


Scary Whimsical Bug Jewelry for Halloween

If you are a collector of  animal jewelry, this is your time of year!  Halloween!   Little kids will scream and run away from insect jewelry like spiders.  And BIG kids at heart seem to positively melt at the sight of whimsical jewelry like jeweled beetles and snakes.
I have one pair of insect earrings.  That’s all I need, because bugs gross me out. But if you love insect jewelry, Halloween is the time to flash your Jewelrystash. 


  • Realistic animal depictions are eerier than abstract images.
  • A bug ring on the hand that gives candy is very chilling-I once used black plastic spider rings to great effect.
  • A costume or overall décor theme related to your insect jewelry can intensify the creepy effect.
  • Bigger bug jewelry works best for scaring kids.

Vintage Bug Pin

  • Junk jewelry is the best option so you can keep gold, collectible animal jewelry safely tucked-away.
  • Mexican Taxco sterling silver jewelry comes in numerous, very scary designs for Halloween.  Vintage and modern items are easy to find, online and at silver markets.
Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

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