Thursday, October 25, 2012


Violet Amethyst Checkerboard Cut Stud Earrings

“I don’t go to the garbage can without lipstick.” That's what my auntie said about the notion of going sans make-up.  When you do not wear make-up, colored studs can save the day by accentuating your other features like
  • Flawless skin texture
  • Good bone structure
  • Spotless skin color
  • Great hair

jEWELRY TIPS FOr Sans Make-up

  1. Select stud earring colors based on your eye or skin color.  Purple and blue studs work with nearly everyone’s eye color and skin color.
  2. Experiment with the color shades of different gemstones or CZs.
  3. Choose fancy gemstone cuts for more interest and eye-catching color moments.  Round cuts may or may not be the best, depending on the gemstone.
  4. Medium colored gemstones seem to work better than very light or very deep colors. Tanzanite might work better than deep amethyst or dark sapphire.
  5. Transparent gems are usually a better choice than opaque ones. But not always, check the color effect in the mirror on both bright sunny and cloudy days.
  6. Tourmaline's pure colors are good choices whether clear or opaque.
  7. Medium size studs seem GENERALLY more effective than larger or smaller carats.   But, small turquoise cabochons do a spectacular job of brightening just about everyone’s face.
  8. Paua shell studs' ombre,  fuchsia-red or teal-blue intense colors make fabulous-looking accents.
  9. Pink or red coral earrings enliven my skin tone.
  10. Ruby studs are the best for days when I am not wearing makeup. The red color creates a very polished look.


What about diamond studs, pearl earrings or gold balls?  I don’t personally feel that they look good on me when I am not wearing make-up.  In fact, these earrings seem to beg me to put on full-face make-up.
I’ve also noticed other women wearing diamond studs who look drab without make-up, especially if they are wearing large, 1 to 2 carat studs.
My mirror seems to whisper “where’s the red lipstick” when I’m wearing diamond, pearl or gold stud earrings.
Big or long earrings may or may not work without make-up depending on the person and their age.  Without make-up they look trashy on me sometimes.

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

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