Monday, October 1, 2012


Gifting skull, Gothic and vampire jewelry styles that shout “Be afraid, be very afraid” has gone mainstream. Skull jewelry is now widely available and easy to buy and give as a gift.
Years ago this type of jewelry was only sold at small darkly- lite shops, at the back of low-rent shopping malls, on the bad side of town.
The popularity of this jewelry is largely due to best-selling morbid and dark-themed video games.  For most wearers, it’s just a fantasy fashion style.

So what, if it's not Halloween yet.
But you may know individuals who need to display this type of jewelry style.  For some, it’s their way of protecting themselves.
The loving symbolism behind a diamond cross or heart pendant is not the message these individuals want to send to people they encounter.  So give them the appropriate jewelry gift choice, unless you really want them to know about a more inspiring message.

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

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