Friday, August 3, 2012


Congratulations to US Gymnast Gabby Douglas for bringing home a Gold Medal for her 2012 Olympics performance. Her style clearly stood out and above the rest.  The front page of the New York Times this morning has an incredible photo of Gabby’s “air time” on the balance beam.  
Watching Gabby’s awesome performance on TV with my family was an especially great time together.  We are all proud of Gabby! 

Congratulations to  All of gabby's Families:

  • In Hometown Virginia Beach, Virginia,
  • Host family in Iowa while training,
  • Extended family “Team Gabby” in the Steel City-Gary, Indiana.
  • Let’s all give Gabby’s grandfather a very special thank you for raising money through AM VETS to send Gabby’s contingent to London. 
  • Sadly there was no ‘Old Family’ money for Gabby so her granddad sprung into action.
A loving  and committed family is part of the secret formula for success!

Said like a true champion

‘Praise goes up to God, and the Blessings fall on me.’
‘If you can get past the hard days, you can get past anything.’


Too bad, Gabby has been getting some bad bytes on certain internet hair forums about her simple “work” hairstyle.  Duh...Gabby has to use her eyes to intensely watch apparatus as she performs:  She can’t have her hair flopping in her face.

Here were Gabby’s Choices

  • 4 hours training in the gym and get a gold medal?
  • 4 hours at the hair salon and get fat, diabetic with high blood pressure?
Congrats Gabby for being a champion and showing us how positive good things come to us when we make the right choices! Gabby, you look good wearing gold!

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

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