Monday, August 13, 2012


How does Usain Bolt know how fast he can run?  And what gift did Dwayne Wade give his champion Miami Heat teammates who can afford anything?  Answers:  Serious and expensive watches.

11 real world reasons to wear a serious timepiece

  1. You wear a diamond or gemstone bracelet. A clear sapphire crystal on a watch is virtually scratch proof.
    Burberry Charm Bracelet Watch
  2. You wear very little jewelry but you do wear a watch—A serious wristwatch may be all the fashion statement you need.
  3. Want to set the max time you will wait on the phone or for a dinner date to show-up? A watch with a rotating bezel converts  into handy countdown tool you can see at a glance.
  4. You will be swimming, snorkeling or skin-diving. You will need a timepiece that can handle depths beyond that for hand washing dishes. Basic serious timepieces can handle depths down to 30 feet and some have screw down crowns for waterproofing.
  5. You need to check software load times. You can tell the software vendor that you used Rolex timing.  It’s persuasive!
  6. You perform heavy duty tasks with your hands, like changing a tire yourself or just looking under the car hood in the rain to find a problem. Serious timepieces are designed to be shockproof and are designed with sapphire crystals that are very hard to crack.
  7. You don’t live the disposable lifestyle, not in this economy. You wouldn’t throwaway your car because it needs a simple repair or basic maintenance.  Well, there’s an entire army of watch mechanics to repair or maintain serious timepieces.
  8. You wear bracelets that rival Wonder Woman’s style. Serious watches won’t get scuffed-up by an arm full of sterling silver bracelets.
  9. You have sensitive skin. I swear that Swiss watches seem to massage my wrist.  In any case, the stainless steel is medical grade with no bizarre alloys.  Luxury watch brands often have exotic leathers like stingray that can handle sweat.
  10. You actually need to see the day and date because you hop international time zones like some people hop crosstown trains every day.
  11. You don’t want your boss or your clients to laugh at you or laugh you off—Enuf said!


What’s the worldwide standard for a serious watch?  Answer: the watch is completely Swiss-made or made with a Swiss movement.
But don’t forget about the heritage of American watchmaking.  At its’ height, pre-1960s, the American watch industry was the world’s premier producer of timepieces for masses of consumers on-the-go or working overtime like James Brown sang about.
Many American brands were decimated by cheap imports. The best American brands were bought-up by Swiss companies.


Whatever your fashion style there’s a serious watch that is the perfect accessory to reflect your jewelry style. Whether your style is like that of Omega’s Cindy Crawford, Rolex’s Marie Sharapova, or Tag Heuer’s Tiger Woods, there’s a stylish watch to choose from.  Ok… these are really expensive watches.
But there are many watch brands that are great values and the prices aren’t like car or house down payments which is the cash needed to buy some luxury watches.

Serious not expensive Watches

  • Michele watches are  the hottest fashion trend right now, they're urbane with diamonds.
  • Burberry features cutting edge hot fashion and business  watch designs that are youthful looking. 
  • Movado styles are ubiquitous, somewhat androgynous designs, quite understated. But look-out for unusual designs that are rarely advertised. I’ve seen a couple of doctors who wear Movados with distinctive, compelling looks.
  • Hamilton can be ultra feminine or dressy masculine.
  • Wittnauer, this is a classic basic business brand, that’s very sturdy.
  • Swiss Army features hardy utilitarian designs for outdoor and water sports.
  • Vicence is Italian, artsy, edgy and very tastefully designed.
  • Fendi—More Italian designs, some for the funky in you.
Oh… You probably need a second hand on any watch you wear.  What’s in few seconds?  Time is life. Life is serious. Losing time is expensive. Watches are highly recommended.
Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

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