Monday, January 13, 2014

Ms. Ann's Garnets And The January Surprise

Cluster Ring with Garnets January's Birthstone
Classic Garnet Cluster Ring

Over Christmas Dinner it finally occurred to me that Ms. Ann must be a January baby, because she only wears Garnet jewelry--that month’s birthstone.   I remember thinking ‘Hmmm… that so unusual for any woman, let alone a young gal to exclusively, only, wear birthstone jewelry.’

Her jewelry look is demure, usually classic Mozambique, coffee or tea colored,  garnet cluster designs in earrings and bracelets.    She’s a pretty and demure girl who’s also NASA smart.   I like that about her: there’s no riff-raff going on here.

Big MM Bead Garnet Necklace
A Rare Style of Big Bead Garnets

Too bad we didn’t realize her real style  when we all went jewelry shopping for her gift a few Christmases ago. 
And I do mean “We”. 
 Lil Loren enlisted the aid of his Mom, grandmother and me to help him select the perfect jewelry gift for Ms. Ann.

After the sales clerk reminded us, gently, that our selections were “too old” for a young girl, we shut-up and left Lil Loren to his own devices to select a gift.    If I recall, he settled-on sapphire earrings.   Sapphire is his grandmother's birthstone.

He made a good choice.    I’d like to think that it was because I previously told him that a good girlfriend is rare and precious.

And that’s the compelling thing about rich red Bordeaux colored garnet jewelry, it’s always  rare and precious looking despite being inexpensive and very accessible.

At one time there were 2 jewelry stores in Chicago that sold nothing but exquisite red rhodolite, berry-colored, garnet jewelry - One on Michigan Avenue and the other on Howard Street.  Go figure!
But I’ve seen paintings of Queens, like Elizabeth I and Victoria wearing garnet jewelry.  I recall a photo of Elizabeth Taylor wearing garnets.

 These were women who could afford  royal jewelry or luxury designs but chose to wear garnets when it suited them.

Ms. Ann said "Yes".

I’m beyond happy that Lil’ Loren and Ms. Ann chose each other.  So let’s forget about the garnet birthstone jewelry momentarily.  I want to see  video and photos of that diamond engagement ring.



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