Monday, January 6, 2014

Finding Platinum Jewelry

Just window shopping for bling made with the noble metal platinum seems to be getting a little easier these days.   This is especially true if you aren’t looking for wedding jewelry and you just want a casual platinum neck chain, bracelet or ring.
Casual Platinum neck chain
The Platinum Hip-Hop chain I secretly desire

I saw  some hot buys for pure platinum jewelry on a TV shopping channel right after Christmas.   Yeah! On TV!

 I bought a chain for my small platinum cross. It was thin, but still had that subtle, sultry white glittery glow of platinum.    I was given the cross several years ago, but I could never find an affordable chain for it.

 So I always wore it with white 14k gold.

The commodity price of platinum, along with gold,  has been falling over the past 12 months.   In January 2014, the price per ounce is  $1,412 per ounce,  down from $1,740 a year ago. (Source Monex).
So look at platinum jewelry again,   the price is easier on the eyes now!



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